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Poison In A Barrel, Medicine In Your Water

Many are now becoming aware that fluoride is a toxic poison and wisely questioning why it is added to much of our nations water supply. The fluoride issue is so important, that groups in some states are now attempting to have it banned. As always, education is key and good information is vital. Check out our growing list of resources to protect the health of yourself and your family!

The Fluoride Forum Herb Allure offers a special forum dedicated specifically to discussions about the fluoride issue. Visit this forum to hear what people are saying and to get your questions answered.
The Fluoridation Fiasco:
Poison In Your Water

by Gary Null, Ph.D.
A long, detailed, and referenced article about water fluoridation. This is an "everything you ever wanted to know" article, and one you should read. Whether you're a health professional or a parent, this article should be read and passed along to your friends and loved ones.
Leading Dental Researcher Speaks out Against Water Fluoridation
by Grass Roots and Global Video
The President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research, Dr. Hardy Limeback, Bsc, PhD, DDS, who is also Head of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto, is now calling for the end of water fluoridation. Limeback, a former proponent of fluoridation changed his mind in the wake of recent studies which show no benefit to teeth from ingesting fluoride, as well as studies which link fluoride exposure to numerous adverse health effects, including hip fracture, cancer and arthritis.
Fluoride: Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water and Toothpaste
by Mary Shomon
This common additive to your water supply, and ingredient in the toothpaste you and your children use may be contributing to the increased rates of hypothyroidism -- and other health concerns -- in the U.S. . . without improving dental health.
EPA Demands Non-Fluoridated Water At National Headquarters
Herbs for Health Magazine
March/April 2000, pg 76

"In a report called "Achievements in Public Health, 1900-1999," the CDC dismissed fluoride health risk claims citing a report by the National Research Council that found "no credible evidence" to substantiate any of these claims."

"...The employees' union at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanded that nonfluoridated water be provided at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. The agency took action after its union applied the EPA's own risk-analysis method to fluoridation toxicity data."

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