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Child Abuse Or Truth Misuse?

Many people are becoming aware of the inherent side effects and dangers associated with vaccinations. Much information has also surfaced indicating that vaccinations may not accomplish their intended purpose at all. Due to legislation proposing that failing to have a child vaccinated is considered child abuse, this important subject affects us all.


The Vaccination Forum Herb Allure offers a special forum dedicated specifically to discussions about the vaccination issue. Visit this forum to hear what people are saying and to get your questions answered.
Forced Vaccinations
Are Here

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you:

  • Value your right to refuse vaccinations based on religious, medical or personal reasons
  • Do not want to allow the government to let Eli Lily off the hook for thimerosal-based vaccine-induced injuries and deaths
  • Want to maintain certain rights and freedoms if you are put into quarantine by the government

Then I urge you to email or phone your two U.S. Senators today and tell them to vote AGAINST the current Homeland Security Bill they are about to vote on!

The Fraud Of Vaccination
by Walter S. Hadwen, M.D.
People have been solemnly warned that the reason why smallpox has just broken out is because our population is unvaccinated; yet Dr. Killick Millard complains of primary vaccination as liable to make smallpox mild and unrecognized, so that the element of danger lies in the vaccinated! He has his excuse in the circumstance that these have always started epidemics.
by Dr. Lorrain Day
The famous Dr. Lorraine Day discusses her views on vaccinations. Listen carefully and never deny common sense!

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