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Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar
Business Guide
Create Your Own Unique Aromatherapy Business

by Jennifer Hochell Pressimone , Holistic Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar Business Guide by JenniferHochell, Holistic Aromatherapist Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar Business Guide by JenniferHochell, Holistic Aromatherapist
Manual 3 DVDs

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Cat #: JHBBB - Price $350

8½" x 5½" Profile, 3-Ring Bound
DVDs: 3 Long-Playing Course Lectures (NTCS Video)



This very comprehensive manual takes you through the process of planning and establishing your own thriving aromatherapy bar. This unique and in-depth resource provides step-by-step instructions covering every aspect of the business from concept to sale.

Learn everything you need to know to get your business started, including, how to set up, managing your finances, marketing your business, throwing successful home spa parties, providing consultations, tips for effective advertising, and much more!

This unique manual even includes a training and reference section that contains practical yet in-depth information about aromatherapy that will get you up-and-running with the knowledge you need. The manual also includes a reference section containing numerous forms and worksheets that make getting your business running as easy as possible.

The Aromatherapy Business Guide is part of the Aromatherapy Certification Course Series offered through JennScents Institute, and includes 8 class hours, 42 lab hours, and a Certificate of Achievement.

This course qualifies for Continuing Education Credits (50 hours) for Licensed Massage Therapists.


What You'll Learn

The Aromatherapy Blending Bar Business Guide contains the following sections:

  • Introductory Information About Aromatherapy
    • This section provides an essential foundational introduction to aromatherapy.
  • Getting Started
    • This section provides a wealth of information about all of those details of setting up a business that you need to remember:
      • Finding A Location
      • Developing A Business Plan
      • Licenses and Insurance
      • Finding Financial Support
      • Choosing Products
      • Setting Up Suppliers (includes supplier list)
      • Personal Education/Training
      • Includes useful checklists and worksheets
  • Setting Up Your Blending Bar
    • This section provides very detailed information to help you with every detail of setting up the blending bar itself:
      • Atmosphere: Choosing the look and feel
      • Business Cards
      • Labeling and Packaging
      • Sensory Testing
      • Shelving and Displays
      • Furnishings
      • Tracking Systems
      • Menu and Brochure
      • Includes worksheets and checklists
  • Financial Information
    • This section provides essential and creative ideas to help you manage the foundation of your business.
      • Raising Capital
      • Budgeting
      • Pricing
      • Payment Processing
      • Includes worksheets and checklists
  • Marketing Strategies
    • This section enriches your creativity and puts your feet on the ground with information to help you make your business thrive.
      • Strategies
      • Establishing Goals
      • Increasing Revenues
      • Distinguishing your Business
      • Business Evaluation
      • Marketing Campaigns
      • Networking
      • Clubs and Organizations
      • Press Releases
      • Workshops
      • Promotions
      • Craft Shows/Expos
      • Direct Mail
      • Product Features
      • Gift/Product Registry
      • Yellow Pages
      • Websites
      • Special Touches
      • Includes worksheets and checklists
  • Aromatherapy Home Spa Parties
    • This section empowers you with detailed information about one of the gems involved in owning an aromatherapy blending bar: Home Spa Parties
      • 10 Key Components
      • Scripting
      • Hostess Coaching
      • Hostess Scripting
      • Party Planning
      • Party Tools
      • Party Presentation
      • Sales, Ordering, Paperwork
      • Follow-up
      • Home Spa Consultants and Training
      • Recruiting Prospects
      • Includes checklists and scripts
  • Consultations
    • This section provides information about one of the most personally satisfying aspects of the business.
      • Client Questionnaire
      • Outlines and Objectives
      • Consultation Pricing
      • Includes forms and checklists
  • Advertising Tips
    • Advertising is the heart of any successful business. This section provides powerful ideas and guidelines to help you make your business popular.
      • Do's and Don'ts
      • Other Helpful Tips
      • Includes helpful forms and checklists
  • Aromatherapy Training
    • This section provides a well-rounded course in aromatherapy that will give you the foundation you need to begin working in the field.
      • Safety Guidelines
      • Quality
      • Blending 101
      • Application Methods
      • Dilution Ratios
      • Carrier Oil Profiles
      • Body System Application
      • Aromatherapy and Emotions
      • Making the Products
      • Includes checklists and worksheets
  • References and Resources
    • This section provides a list of resources you can use to help enrich and deepen your knowledge of aromatherapy.
  • Matching Essential Oils with Herbs
    • The Blending Bar Business manual also contains a chart containing the function, origin, and primary uses for 27 essential oils. The chart also maps common ailments to important herbs and companion essential oils.


What You'll Receive

  • Bound Manual
    • This 200+ page manual is your instructor in setting up and running your successful blending bar business.
  • Lecture DVDs
    • 3 long-playing DVDs feature Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, Holistic Aromatherapist, personally guiding you through the in-depth material.
  • Certification of Completion
    • This course meets the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Level II guidelines. When you complete this course, you will receive a Level II Certification from the JennScents Institute, which is recognized by NAHA.
  • Essential Oil - Herb Chart
    • This useful chart contains the function, origin, and primary uses for 27 essential oils. The chart also maps common ailments to important herbs and companion essential oils.


Recommended For

We believe this course is perfectly suited for the following people:

Everyone Wishing To Create
A Thriving Aromatherapy Blending Bar

If you desire to create and run a thriving business helping people with aromatherapy, this comprehensive manual is your first and most important step.

Everyone Wishing To Expand
An Existing Health/Wellness Business

If you already have a business helping people and would like to expand in a unique way by offering custom aromatherapy blends, this manual is your first and most important step.

Licensed Massage Therapists Wishing to Earn Continuing Education Credits

This in-depth course qualifies all Licensed Massage Therapists for Continuing Education Credits.

JennScents Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. NCBTMB Provider # 451338-10


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to Aromatherapy
    2. What is Aromatherapy?
  2. Getting Started
    1. New Aromatherapy Business Checklist
      1. Independent NSP Distributors
      2. Business Name
      3. Choosing a Location
      4. Developing a Business Plan
      5. Finding Your Niche
      6. Securing Financial Support
      7. Licensing, Insurance and Resale Number
      8. Choosing Your Product
        1. Product Features and Benefits
        2. Stocking Your Shelves
      9. Top 25 Essential Oils
      10. Botany
        1. Latin Names, Plant Classifications
        2. Plant Origin, Chemotypes and Harvesting
      11. Bases and Carriers
      12. Synergies and Essential Oil Blends
      13. Diffusers
  3. Getting Set Up with Suppliers
    1. Who to Use and Why
    2. Criteria for Supplier Research
      1. Company Research
      2. Product Quality Research
      3. Packaging Research
      4. Product Testing
    3. Education
      1. Aromatherapy Educational Sources
      2. References and Resources
      3. JennScents Training Sessions
        1. Beginners
        2. Intermediate
        3. Advanced
        4. Business Building
        5. Pricing
      4. Exercises
  4. Aromatherapy Bar Set-up
    1. Building a Foundation
    2. Business Cards
    3. Labeling and Packaging
    4. Sensory Testing
      1. Essential Oil Testers
      2. Coffee Beans
      3. Ventilation
    5. Shelving and Displays
    6. Aromatherapy Bar Furnishings
    7. Tracking System
      1. Client Card File
      2. Recipes
      3. Product Sales
      4. Profit and Loss Report
      5. Managing Your Product Lines
    8. Menu and Brochure
    9. Exercises
  5. Financial Information
    1. Capital
      1. Investment
      2. Budgeting
      3. Start-up Business Tips
    2. Pricing
      1. Custom Blends
      2. Pre-made Blends
      3. Carriers, Essential Oils and Spa Accessories
      4. Gift Baskets and Packages
      5. Wholesale Information
    3. Services
      1. Information Sessions
      2. Client Consultations
        1. Aromatherapy
        2. Herbal
        3. Business Building
    4. Aromatherapy Classes, Workshops and Seminars by JennScents
    5. Aromatherapy Classes, Workshops and Seminars Scripts
    6. JennScents Signature Custom Blends (wholesale)
      1. Eczema/Psoriasis Products
      2. Chest Rub
    7. Shipping
    8. Accepting Payments
      1. Cash and Checks
      2. Credit Cards and Merchant Services
      3. Wholesale Pricing
    9. Exercises
  6. Marketing Strategies
    1. Establishing Your Goals
    2. How to Increase Sales
    3. Setting Your Business Apart from the Competition
    4. Evaluating Your Marketing Performance
    5. Successful Marketing Campaigns
      1. Network! Network! Network!
      2. Organizations and Clubs
      3. Press Releases
      4. Promotional Products
      5. Craft Shows and Expos
      6. Direct Mail
      7. Product of the Month
      8. Gift and Products Registry
      9. Yellow Pages
      10. Website
      11. Special Touches
    6. Exercises
  7. Aroma Home Spa Parties/Herbal Hours
    1. 10 Key Party Components
    2. Home Spa Party Script
    3. Hostess Coaching
    4. Success Party Planner Party
    5. Successful Party Tools
    6. The Party Presentation
    7. Sales, Ordering and Paperwork
    8. Aromatherapy Home Spa Party Follow-up
    9. Home Spa Consultant Training
    10. Hostess and Business Recruiting Prospects
    11. Exercises
  8. Consultations
    1. Client Questionnaire
    2. Consultation Outline and Objectives
    3. Consultation Pricing
    4. Exercises
  9. Advertising Tips
    1. Do's
      1. Tracking Your Advertising Dollars
      2. Target Your Market
      3. Special Offers
      4. Join Organizations and Clubs
      5. Consistency
      6. Car Magnets and Signs
    2. Don'ts
      1. Minimize Advertising Sources
      2. Door Prize and Donation Guidelines
    3. Other Helpful Advertising Tidbits
      1. Cross Marketing
      2. Other Sources
    4. Exercises
  10. The Training
    1. History
    2. Safety
      1. Safety Practices
      2. Contraindications/Precautions
    3. Quality
      1. Pure vs. Synthetic
      2. Health Benefits
      3. Gas Chromatography Testing
      4. Extraction Methods
    4. Blending 101
      1. Scents of Smell
      2. Top, Middle and Base Notes
      3. Measurements for Blending
    5. Application Methods
    6. Dilution Ratios
      1. Purpose of Formula
      2. Application Method
      3. Potency
      4. Dilution Measurement Chart
    7. Carrier Oil Profile
      1. Storage
      2. Labeling and Ingredients
      3. Carrier Oil Profiles
    8. Body System Application
      1. ABC+D Approach to Natural Health
      2. Digestive
      3. Intestinal
      4. Circulatory
      5. Respiratory
      6. Immune
      7. Urinary
      8. Nervous
      9. Glandular
      10. Muscular and Skeletal
    9. Aromatherapy and Emotions
      1. Essential Oils and Emotions
    10. Making the Products
      1. Delivery System
      2. Choosing an Application
      3. Choosing Which Products to Make
      4. Choosing Product Ingredients
      5. Conclusion
    11. Exercises
  11. References and Resources
    1. Bibliography
    2. Recommended Reading
    3. Master Forms

Course Return Policy: Any cancellation request of the JennScents Institute courses must be done in writing within 48 hours of purchasing the course, for a refund less a $25 processing fee.



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