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The Healthy Pet Herb Guide
A 40-Page Supplement To
The Essential Natural Health Reference for Pets

Healthy Pet Herb Guide by Vivian McCue-O'Neill

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8½" x 5½" Profile, Softcover, Staple Bound, 40 pages



This is a supplement booklet that perfectly complements Vivian's very popular original book entitled "The Healthy Pet Herb Guide". If you liked the first book, you'll definitely want this new, informative supplement.

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Recommended For

  • NSP Distributors
    Expand your client base by learning pet remedies. This supplement is written specifically for NSP products. We recommend getting the original book—"The Healthy Pet Herb Guide"—and this supplement together.
  • All Health Professionals (alternative, allopathic, veterinary, etc.)
    Expand your client base by learning how to help your clients bring their best friends back to health, naturally. We recommend getting the original book—"The Healthy Pet Herb Guide"—and this supplement together.
  • Everyone With Pets
    Learn how to keep your best friends healthy and happy the natural way. We recommend getting the original book—"The Healthy Pet Herb Guide"—and this supplement together. A must for caring pet owners.


Like an encyclopedia of natural pet health, the original and extremely popular Healthy Pet Herb Guide contains nearly 200 pages of specific, in-depth natural health information for pets, covering an exceptionally wide array of subjects. The new More of The Healthy Pet Herb Guide expands upon the original book, providing additional topics of natural healing and prevention for your pets:

  • An invaluable "Prevention/Maintenance" section provides in-depth daily supplement recommendations to help keep your pets healthy and strong, with additional suggestions for pets who have had previous health problems
  • Details of the health program Vivian uses with her own pets
  • Details and usage information for 7 new supplements (some are NSP-specific)
  • In-depth information and natural supplement recommendations for dealing with more serious health problems, plus an overview of what the 'typical' conventional veterinarian treatment is for each situation
  • 12 "Case Studies" to help you gain very practical experience and insight with real ailments and common situations
  • A Canadian-to-U.S. NSP product name conversion chart
  • A brief "Important Info" section helps remind you what information to quantify when helping an animal
  • A very useful 21-item "Herbal Medicine Cabinet" for dogs and cats listing products you should always have on hand and their intended uses

Using the wide variety of potent, high-quality supplements from Nature's Sunshine Products, you can use the information in this book and the original "Healthy Pet Herb Guide" to ensure a long and healthy life for your favorite companions.

These are actual quotes from our customers about the original Healthy Pet Herb Guide!

"Wonderful book, I use it, I love it! My husband's German shorthair has bad reactions to the shots she receives whenever we have to board her. Every time she experiences major illness afterwards...primarily Kennel Cough. Usually it takes a week of being on horrible antibiotics and a nasty cough syrup, and then we have to repopulate her body with good bacteria. This last time I looked in the Healthy Pet Herb Guide. I had the Liquid Echinacea/Goldenseal on hand that the book recommends and I followed exactly what the book said. In 48 hours, our dog was fine. As a result, our dog is healthier and we saved a lot of money on vet bills and medication."

Paula R., Thornton, Colorado

"Wonderful! I love it! I'm just delighted with it! I read the whole book in one sitting, I couldn't walk away from it! My neighbor is going to get one and I'm getting an extra one to give as a Christmas present."

Marilyn T., San Fernando, CA

Sample Pages

What Do I Give Our Pets? Cardiomyopathy Case Study #11: Daisy

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