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Domain Forwarding
Turn Your MyNSP Website Into

Domain Forwarding by Herb Allure  

Are your customers having trouble remembering your MyNSP website address?

Would you like a shorter, easier-to-remember website address?

We've solved your problem!

To order this service, please contact us as we have to get specific information from you in order to serve you properly.

Domain Forwarding Service: $20 per year (24/7 for 1 year)
Domain Name: $9.25 per year (Price may vary depending on TLD)
This cost does not apply to everyone, only to those who don't already control the domain name they want to use. Contact us for details.


Overview (Details Below)

Domain Forwarding is the service that provides an alternative Internet address for your existing website.

For eample, if you have a MyNSP website, your customers have to remember a longer website address in order to successfully navigate to your website. With domain forwarding, they only have to remember a name you choose (so long as that name is available) and they will instantly be forwarded to your MyNSP website, hassle free.

This is a common sense tool that allows you to help customers find you on the Internet and to give your business a professional touch. You can also have email addresses at your customized website address as well (example:

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The most important thing you can do for your Internet business is: Make sure people can find you quickly and easily. If they can't, they will give up or go somewhere else.

Our domain forwarding service does just that: It allows people to reach your MyNSP website using a simple, easy-to-remember name that you choose.

For example, your MyNSP website address might be something like this:

Our forwarding service can allow your customers to get to your MyNSP website by simply typing this:

Not only is this name shorter, but it's easier to remember, and that's really important if you're trying to do business on the Internet.

Also, you're not locked into using the same name that's tacked onto the end of your MyNSP name (in this example "mynspstore"). You can choose any name that you want to act as the forwarding domain (as long as that name is available).

For example, you could use this name:

To forward to this MyNSP website:

It really doesn't matter what your current MyNSP store name is. Any forwarding name (that is available) can be used to forward customers to your existing MyNSP store.

What About Email?

An added benefit of having a forwarding domain is that you can have one or more email addresses that are "at" that domain. For example, if you have the domain name:

You can get up to 5 email addresses that end with this domain name for no extra cost, for example:

This makes your email address more professional and easier to remember, which is very important for customers, and you can keep this email address for as long as you retain the domain name. This is also very important because it prevents you having to notify all your friends, family, and customers that your email address has changed just because you switched to a different Internet Service Provider.

Your email boxes all include advanced features at no extra cost including:

  • Automated, effective spam control,
  • Built-in industry-standard anti-virus,
  • POP3 access (you can manage your email using your favorite conventional email programs like Outlook Express, Eudora, or Thunderbird,
  • IMAP access (which allows you to manage your email in a more advanced way that is optimized for those who travel frequently),
  • Browser-based email (meaning that you can access and manage your email using your favorite browser, much like large commercial systems such as MSN-Mail or Hot Mail or Yahoo! Mail),
  • Secure, encrypted access to your email when sending and receiving using industry-standard encryption.

If you need more than 5 email boxes, no problem. We only charge $20 per year for each additional mailbox beyond your free 5 email boxes.

Feel Free To Contact Us

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. You will not encounter a phone tree (a real person will answer the phone) and you'll appreciate our extended hours.

We started hosting websites in 1997 and found that most of our business came from other website hosting companies that were unreachable when help was needed. Some took forever to respond to customer inquiries. Incidently, our client list grew and grew and our customers were truly thrilled with our service and consistency and were amazed to find a goup of people who actually care about what they do. We believe you will be as well.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started with hosting your website with us or searching for an available domain name to use for forwarding your website.



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