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Larissa Jones

Larissa Jones

» Master Herbalist

» Master Aromatherapist

» Reknown Lecturer and Author


Larissa Jones is an author, master aromatherapist, herbalist, and inspirational speaker who has been working and speaking in the health field for eleven years. She is the author of Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit, Is Your Home Safe?, and The Aromatherapy Recipe Guide, and her books have sold over 30,000 copies in the US and internationally, and have been translated into Spanish. Larissa holds seminars across the United States, Canada, and Europe on aromatherapy, toxin-free living, natural herbal remedies, general nutrition, and emotional healing.

Larissa is a certified master aromatherapist who studied under respected Ph.D. Chemist Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt and author Victoria Edwards. Larissa has also studied aromatherapy extensively in France, where she has met with growers and distillers to better understand the cultivation and processing of aromatic plants, and worked with scientists from the French National Center for Biomedicine at the University of Perpignan, to learn about detection of adulteration and quality control for essential oils.

Larissa has conceived, created, and taught numerous educational courses and workshops on aromatherapy, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and homeopathy, for Nature’s Sunshine products of Provo, Utah. These courses have been extremely popular and well attended. She also advised and assisted Nature’s Sunshine in several successful launches of essential oil and skin care products in Canada, Korea, and Russia.

Larissa speaks often for independent natural health conferences, women’s groups, bookstores, and natural health facilities across the country. Because of Larissa’s scientific background, she has an unusual ability to bridge the gap between the scientific community and alternative medicine. Her own healing journey has brought her face to face with many healing methods, and has taught her the importance of healing the spirit along with the body. Larissa cares deeply about the health of others and of our planet, and inspires her audiences with tools, images, and ideas to empower them to heal themselves.




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