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Fast Facts About Mercury Amalgam
In a Nutshell

The amount of information and research on the effects of Mercury Amalgam fillings is not lacking in the least. Although, if you've been listening to mainstream sources of information, you may believe there is a unfortunate lack of it. Why do YOU suppose this is?

Fast Facts

The Relationship Between Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) And Mercury Amalgam

"The accumulation of mercury from amalgam in the CNS [Central Nervous System] is an important connection to the etiology of neurologic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The neurotoxicity of mercury has been long known, mercury induced neuropathology well-described, and the mechanisms of toxicity have been studied in great detail. It has also been documented by at least five independent studies that chronic exposure to mercury is an etiologic agent in the ALS syndrome. It has been clearly demonstrated that mercury from amalgam accumulates in the brain and CNS and autopsy studies show that the level of mercury in the brain linearly correlated with the number of amalgam surfaces on fillings. Concentration in the tissues reached as high as 120 nanograms per gram of tissue."

Source: Quote from Dr. Swartzendruber as quoted in the book "It's All In Your Head", p 47-48, by Hal Huggins.

Do Mercury Amalgam Fillings Emit Mercury Vapor?

A psychologist from the University of Colorado was in my office one day. ...I asked the psychologist to open his mouth, [I] placed the tube over a the needle went to 10, then 20, then 30, and then 50 micrograms of mercury per cubic meter of air (mcg/m3). The maximum safe level of exposure for 8 hours in a twenty-four-hour day, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is 50 micrograms. At 51 mcgs, they fine the offender $10,000 and close the facility. Our professor's fillings pushed the needle up to...90 mcgs.

...Other researchers since that time have reported finding high vapor levels. Independently, D.D. Gay, Ph. D. (1979), and C.W. Svare, D.D.S. (1981), registered high breath concentrations of mercury, especially after their subjects had been chewing gum.

Source: "It's All In Your Head", p 28-29, by Hal Huggins.

The Relationship Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Mercury Amalgam

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also has a mercury component. When mercury binds to the oxygen-carrying part of hemoglobin, in the blood, the hemoglobin level may look normal, but its ability to transport oxygen is hampered by mercury sitting on the transportation area.

Source: "It's All In Your Head", p 18, by Hal Huggins.

The Relationship Between Mercury Amalgam and Autoimmune Diseases

Mercury kills cells by interfering with their ability to exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste products through the cell membrane. Inside the cell, mercury destroys our genetic code, DNA, leaving us without the ability to reproduce that cell ever again. Immunologically, mercury embeds itself in a cell membrane, giving that cell the appearance of being "non-self", which is the trigger for the immune system to destroy that specific cell. ...The immune system will start destroying your own tissues, thus the term autoimmune disease. Examples of these are diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) scleroderma, and lupus.

Source: "It's All In Your Head", p 18-19, by Hal Huggins.

Testing for Mercury Toxicity

The urine porphyrin test is perhaps the best indicator of heavy metal toxicity. ...Heavy metals cause in increase in the excretion of porphyrins.

Source: "It's All In Your Head", p 94, by Hal Huggins.

Uninformed Consent

...a dentist may place any number of...EPA listed toxic substances in your mouth without giving you the slightest hint of the potential side-effects. Mercury, copper, nickel, beryllium, zinc, phenol, formaldehyde, diisocynate, and acetone are just a few...

Source: "It's All In Your Head", p 19, by Hal Huggins.



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