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Thanks For Making It All Possible!

We would like to say thanks to all the talented programmers and web developers who enable us to spiff-up our website with their awesome applications, JAVA Applets, artwork and CGI genius.


...But it's a work of love. Helping people is the best reason we can think of to work as hard as we do. We've often asked ourselves if all the effort is worth it. Then we get a warm, thankful phone call from a customer who tells us how we helped their customers make informed decisions. Enough said.

Design, artwork, layout and programming for the Herb Allure website by
Russ Tanner

Proofing and editing by
Laura Clement

If you notice typos or mistakes of any kind, please contact us. We'll correct them promptly!

List Of Resources

In accordance with our agreement with various vendors, we have provided links on this page to developer's websites whose talent contributed to the functionality of our own. Many thanks to the unsung heroes behind keyboards all around the world!

KW Browse: Intuitive Search Services - browse the Keyword Map of
An innovative search system.

VIZ Book Guestbook Software
Powerful, configurable, guestbook software.
The best I've seen on the net!

Providing the coolest JAVA-based graphics I've seen on the web!

3D Flags
Great selection of 3-D flag artwork that makes flags fun to look at.

Alien Form 2
The best form processor I've found!

Producers of "DreamWeaver"...
Unquestionably the best website development software in existence!

Thanks for providing a great distribution of the LINUX operating system on which this website runs rock solid 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The world's most powerful operating system!

The Apache Software Foundation
Producers of "Apache"...
The world's finest rock-solid, high performance web server software upon which this website (and 57% of all other websites) reside! Keep up the good work!

MicroGrafx Corp.
Producers of "Picture Publisher" and "Simply 3D"...
Much of the artwork on this website was produced by this powerful and intuitive software package.

Adobe Corp.
Producers of "Photoshop"...
Much of the artwork on this website was produced or processed by this amazing graphics processing package.

Volano Corp.
The best chat server software...


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