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Mercury Amalgam
The Most Relevant Health Issue Of Our Time?

Mercury from amalgam ("silver") dental is now recognized by some health organizations as the single largest source of chronic mercury poisoning to the U.S. population. Because of the wide-range of effects mercury can have, this problem is hard to detect unless you're properly educated. Get educated!


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By Russ Tanner of Herb Allure

It's been about 2 years since I've had all my amalgam ("silver") dental fillings removed and my health has literally never been as good as it is today... Not even close!!! After the removal (I had it all done in 1 day), I experienced dramatic improvements to my general health beginning the next day!

I now know 4 people who, after having their amalgam fillings removed, have had dramatic recoveries and/or health improvements. Incidentally, I only know 4 people who have ever had them all removed.

Herb Allure is providing these resources with the hope that you—as a health professional—will help others benefit from them. Please take the time to read this material. I believe we are on the very edge of realizing the scope of this problem. Please invest yourself... For the sake of those who depend on you for their health.


The Mercury Amalgam Forum Herb Allure offers a special forum dedicated specifically to discussions about the mercury-amalgam issue. Visit this forum to hear what people are saying and to get your questions answered.
Mercury Battle
by Russ Tanner of Herb Allure
This is the personal account of the ongoing experiences of Russ Tanner and Laura Clement of Herb Allure, Inc. and their battle with (what they believe to be) mercury poisoning caused by the toxic element mercury (Hg) leaching from their "silver" dental fillings.
Fast Facts
Amalgam Facts in a Nutshell
Because there is so much research and information on the effects of mercury and amalgam, we've assembled some condensed, hard-hitting information.
Hug Net
Leading The Way To
Mercury-Free Dentistry
Hal Huggins is leading the fight in the US to rid dentistry of mercury. His website contains a number of very important resources to help you make an informed decision about your health.
Beyond Ridiculous
Humans Will Be Humans
On this page you'll find a list of website links that lead the logical and informed reader to conclude that there is an intentional, diabolical cover-up of the truth concerning the mercury-amalgam issue.
The BITE Petition
Ban Mercury From Teeth Everywhere
Here is a petition you can sign to let your government know that you want mercury removed from dentistry. Check it out!
Vaccination Lawsuit
Believed to Be First Of It's Kind
ARTICLE: "The law firm of Waters & Kraus, LLP, based in Dallas, Texas, announced that it has filed the first known civil case alleging that the mercury-based preservative thimerosal..."
Vital Information
Fully Referenced Information

ARTICLE: "Mercury Exposure And Toxicity Is A Prevalent And Significant Public Health Threat..."

"...mercury amalgam fillings are banned in some European countries..."

Mercury Detox
An Excellent Overview
ARTICLE: A protocol for mercury detoxification.

We'll be adding more resources soon. Come back often!


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