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Internet Tools  

Internet Tools
Tools and utilities to help you use the Internet smarter.

The Internet is a powerful resource to help you promote your business and locate information. The tools on this page help you take advantage of these tools in more effective ways.


Table of Contents
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1. Currency Converter
2. Search Engine Registration Links
3. Download Adobe Acrobat Viewer
4. Live Chat
5. Technical Report
6. Upgrade Your Browser

Currency Converter

Search Engine Registration Links

These links enable you to register your website with search engines. This will enable the search engines to include your website in their listings (very important).

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view and print files that are stored in the Portable Document format, often referred to as "PDF" files.

Live Chat

Chat live with others who are currently on this website... now!

Technical Report

This utility allows you to see what IP address your computer is currently assigned, what browser and operating system you are currently using, and more. This is the same information that websites can see when you visit them.

Upgrade Your Browser

Use these convenient links to upgrade your Browser to the latest available version.


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