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My Mercury Story

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In the mid 90s, despite being athletic and energetic, I began experiencing various health ailments. These ailments worsened and grew in number year-by-year.

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By 2000, I had acquired 17 specific physical ailments ranging from fatigue to immune weakness to constant ringing in my ears. I could only work about 4 hours per day and had to take daily naps. I knew that something was seriously wrong.

I finally stumbled upon the cause of my problems while speaking to a friend about her health issues. She told me she had Chronic Fatigue and had healed herself after 5 years of visiting doctors and getting nowhere. She told me that she had her amalgam ("silver") dental fillings removed one-by-one, as she could afford it, and it had changed her from a bed-ridden state to a normal, working person. She told me something no dentist ever had:

Amalgam dental fillings contain mercury, the world's most toxic, non-radioactive metal.

I started conducting research on the Internet and found that I was not alone. Many other people were suffering just as I was and they had determined the problem was their dental fillings as well.

After spending numerous hours researching this issue, I had my amalgam fillings removed in couple weeks and my life changed forever, and it happened virtually overnight. A few years later, I realized that not only had my physical symptoms gone away, but a number of phobias vanished as well. My relationships improved, I became more social, my memory improved dramatically, and I realized how life is supposed to be lived.

Now, looking back, I realize that I lived most of my life with a number of negative personality traits and emotional ailments that were actually caused by mercury. My bad memory, extreme shyness, very low self esteem, fear of commitments (especially in relationships), history of suicidal thoughts and fear of confrontations is now gone, not to mention horrible depression, and all of these changes have dramatically improved the quality of my life.

Ironically, the company I started in 1997—the company who's website you're currently on—was started as a result of the research I did while searching for the source of my numerous health issues.

That memorable day in July, 2000—the day my mercury-based fillings were removed—is a pivotal-point in my life. What follows is my story—My Mercury Story.

IMPORTANT: Please do not hastily go out and have your amalgam fillings removed without first locating a dentist that has been specially trained in safe mercury removal.

Mercury is highly-toxic and over 50% of the people I know who have had their amalgam fillings removed by a conventional dentist now have debilitating chronic diseases, such as Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis.

One of my closest friends spent three days in the hospital after her amalgam removal. Please, do your research and make educated decisions. You will find resources listed at the end of my story.

If you're interested, I'm compiling a comprehensive fact sheet on mercury to help you recognize symptoms and to learn how to detox. You can check it out here: Mercury Fact Sheet

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