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Mercury Poisoning
The Most Prevalent Health
Issue Of Our Time?
Mercury Poisoning has risen to become possibly the largest health issues of our time. From amalgam ("silver") dental fillings to vaccinations containing mercury, we must educate ourselves about the dangers of this old... and new health threat.
Child Abuse Or Truth Misuse?
Many people are becoming aware of the inherent side effects and dangers associated with vaccinations. Much information has also surfaced indicating that vaccinations may not accomplish their intended purpose at all. Due to legislation proposing that failing to have a child vaccinated is considered child abuse, this important subject affects us all.
Toxic Waste In A Barrel,
Medicine In Your Water
Many are now becoming aware that fluoride is a toxic poison and wisely questioning why it is added to much of our nations water supply. The fluoride issue is so important, that groups in some states are now attempting to have it banned. As always, education is key and good information is vital. Check out our growing list of resources to protect the health of yourself and your family!
Genetically Altered Foods
The Great Greed Rush
Many are becoming aware of the problems associated with genetically altered foods. Now that about two-thirds of foods on supermarket shelves are genetically engineered, we must educate ourselves about this important issue.

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