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If you're not actively supporting health freedoms, you're doing exactly what your opponents are counting on you to do. Please consider linking to this page using this URL:

Five Things You Can Do Now

This page contains information that will help you join us in the process of maintaining our health freedoms. Your help makes a big difference so please join in. Every little thing you do helps us win.

1. Stay Informed

We have designed a real-time legislative warning system that emails you when events occur that require action. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Sign up with this alert system (click here)
  2. When you receive the confirmation email from John Hammell (of IAHF), click the provided link to confirm your subscription to the alert system (you may unsubscribe at any time).

If you have any problems, just let us know and we'll gladly help.

2. Tell Others To Stay Informed

Once you've signed up, tell others about this system so they can stay informed as well. We've created an easy-to-remember link to get your friends directly to this page:

Copy this link directly into the body of an email to your friends. They will be able to click on the link and come directly to this page.

3. Watch This Free Online Video

Take a few minutes to watch this educational video narrated by Dame Judy Dench and produced by award-winning producer Kevin Miller. The video is called "We Become Silent" and has made a significant impact on viewers around the world.

Click here to watch the video now.

4. Tell Others To Watch This Free Online Video

Once you've watched the video, email your friends, family, clients, and customers and ask them to watch it. The more people who understand the current scope of the assult on natural supplements, the better the chance we have of succeeding in retaining our health freedoms.

We've created this easy-to-remember link that you can copy directly into the body of an email. The recipients will be able to click on the link and go directly to the video.

5. Donate To Health Freedom Organizations

Health freedom organizations are vital for the survival of health freedoms. Your small donation can make a big difference.

Please, always remember this:

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." —Edmond Burke

The Good Guys

Following are the health organizations that we have found are making the largest impact in defending our health freedoms:

The Bad Guys

IMPORTANT: Following health organizations are classified as "Controlled Opposition Groups" by the IAHF, an organization we trust. COGs are organizations that pose as advocacy groups for a cause but actually work to interfere with or hinder the work of true advocates.

The following organizations are considered a detriment to the health freedom movement by IAHF. Click on any one of them to find out why:

More Information

For more information about "Controlled Opposition Groups", or to see their work in action, please see the links below:

Thank You!

If you've taken the few minutes it takes to follow these above steps...

Thank You!

You have become part of the solution. You have made a difference.

You're efforts and financial support—whether large or small—enable all of us retain our cherished health freedoms. Thank you!

Other Things You Can Do

Many have asked, so we're providing a list of ideas that you can implement to help all of us retain our health freedoms. Thank you in advance for all of your efforts—large or small!

Put Links To This Page Everywhere

The more people who come to this page, the more support we will have for retaining health freedoms.

In the course of your daily business, you can help by placing a link to this page everywhere you know. Following is the URL (address) of this page that you can use to send others here:

Following are examples of places you can share this link:

  • On your website: Have a website? Put a link to this page there. You would be surprised the difference it can make.
  • In your email signature: Put a link to this page in your email signature. Make the text to this page say something like, "Health Freedoms Action Page" or "Click here to retain your health freedoms". Now, everytime you send an email, you're supporting health freedoms with no additional work.
  • On your newsletter: Do you send out a newsletter? If so, this is an excellent opportunity to let people know that you support health freedoms. Put a link to this page somewhere in your newsletter.
  • On your letterhead: If you do this, everytime you fax or send a letter, you're helping to support health freedoms without any additional work. That's smart.
  • On your business card: Let people know you care about health freedoms and are doing something about it. Everytime you hand out a business card, you're doing your part with no extra work.
  • On your forum signature: Do you participate in forums or discussion groups online? Put a link to this page in your forum signature. This way, everytime you make a post, you're supporting health freedoms with no extra work.
  • On your store window: Putting a link to this page in your store window can help people realize that you're an advocate for health freedom. Even window-shoppers may end up helping out our cause and all because you took a few minutes to make a difference.
  • On your car : Everytime you drive, you can support health freedoms. Next time you go to the printer, ask if they can put a link to this website on a bumper sticker. If it's not expensive, perhaps you could even have a few extra made up and give them away to your customers or business associates.
Write A Letter To The Editor

Newspapers have a huge influence on society. Take a moment to write a letter to the editor of your local paper and see if they'll post it. If not, no problem. Put a copy of the letter in your next newsletter or on your website. Consider including a link to this action page.

Call A Talk Show

Many talk shows exist today covering a wide range of topics. Try calling into one and telling them about what needs to be done to protect our health freedoms. Again, mentioning a link to this action page can be very helpful.

Have A Creative Idea?

Do you have a creative idea for spreading the word about health freedoms? If so, please contact us and we'll spread the idea around.

We love creative people and we love people who care. It's a powerful combination, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas.


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