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Drugs and Natural Alternatives
A Guide To the Uses and Effects of
the Top Prescription Drugs and Natural Products

Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles

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126 Pages, 5½" x 8½" Profile, Softcover, Referenced & Indexed



This is an expertly written book designed as a reference to help you quickly identify over 235 drugs, their purpose, and natural alternatives for each. It is extremely useful, very well-organized, easy-to-read, and provides very practical yet surprisingly thorough information every natural health professional and family caretaker should have within arms reach of their desk chair.

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This wonderfully organized book provides a way for you to quickly:

  • Look up over 230 drugs by name or function,
  • Find an herb or nutritional supplement similar in function, and
  • Provide specific information to your client or loved one about why the specified supplement has a similar effect.

Because of the highly organized nature of this book, you will find yourself understanding and easily memorizing the many classes of drugs, their common names and their related functions.

Each chapter is titled after a drug category—such as Antidepressants or Asthma Medications—and contains a detailed description of the classification of the drug. Chapter_Titles also include:

  • A list of drugs in the same category along with their scientific names and details about them,
  • A list of common side-effects for the class of drugs,
  • A list of natural alternatives along with a brief description of how each one works,
  • A section on interactions between the specified drugs and alternatives,
  • And a section containing special considerations—things you should know when working with those using or considering using the specified drugs.

This book is referenced and contains a comprehensive index that allows you to look up drugs by their common name and scientific name. Natural supplements are also listed by their both their common and scientific names.

Unique, quality information at your fingertips... that's what gives you the edge to help your clients, friends and family change their lives. We offer this fantastic reference because we believe every health professional and caretaker will benefit from the very first time they open it.

Includes a forward by Dr. Jerry L. McLaughlin, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Pharmacognosy, Purdue University.

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Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles
Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles


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