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HART Replacement Binder
The World's #1 Product References
for Natures Sunshine Products!

by Herb Allure

HART Binder
3-Ring Binder

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Cat #: HARTBIND - Price $24.95 --> SOLD OUT

3-Ring Binder for 8 ½" x 5 ½" Pages



Outgrowing your HART Master Reference binder? Just need a new replacement? No problem! Herb Allure has brand new, bigger, better binders available.

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The binder sold on this page replaces the binder used with the HART Master Reference book.


Our original binders had 2.5 inch round rings.
Our new binders have 3-inch superior "D" style rings.

These "D" rings...

  • Allow the pages to lay flatter,
  • Make it easier to turn pages,
  • Hold more pages than the same size round rings,
  • Put less stress on the holes in the pages (and you know there are a lot of pages), and
  • Make it easier to stand the book up on a shelf (less tendency to open).

These new binders also come with a paper block to keep pages flat when the binder is laying down or standing up. This helps your pages last longer and makes the book easier to handle overall.

Of course the binders have the standard inside-front pocket, padding on all outside surfaces, stainless-steel riveted ring assembly, bend-resistant plastic stiffeners, foil stamping on binding edge and front, the sharp (and famous) "Herb Allure" mauve color... plus, heat-sealed seams all around.

We designed the best binder available to accommodate the best reference for the best herbal supplements. But don't feel guilty getting one... you deserve it!

These are actual quotes from our customers!

"People use my HART book so much, they've actually worn out the binder. I'm glad you sell them by themselves."

"I love this thing. I'm proud to carry it around with me. Everybody asks me what it is and it gives me the opportunity to tell them about my business."

"I love the color. We just call it the 'pink book'."

"This binder looks great on my shelf... and it holds my books pages more securely."



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