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We Become Silent

Producer Kevin P. Miller, who produced WE BECOME SILENT, has been a staunch advocate of health freedom for 20 years. His 1994 film, LET TRUTH BE THE BIAS exposed the FDAs raids on holistic doctors nationwide, and now he is bringing his award-winning skills to television.

Recently, a non-profit foundation was established to help fund Miller’s news show called HealthCenter, the first-ever TV News program about alternative medicines. HealthCenter will report health news — every single week — to 25 million people weekly via cable and satellite TV — and to millions more through the internet.

It is vital that you donate to this cause, so that we will all have the freedom to see the truth about the medicines we love dearly and the legislative/economic barriers to medical freedom of choice.

Please support this historic opportunity by sending a tax-deductible donation to:

3344 Secor Road
Toledo, OH. 43606
Attention: Claudia David Roscoe


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