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"Win A Prize Contest Rules"
You Can't Win If You Don't Know How To Play!

Herb Allure gives away a free prize every month to a randomly-selected person who correctly answers a natural-health related question. This page contains the rules for the contest. You must agree to these rules if you wish to play the game.

Contest Rules

By entering this contest, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. These terms may be updated from time-to-time so please check back often.

The winner of this contest is randomly selected by a computer program from among contestants who enter a correct answer to a question between the time the question is posted and midnight of the last day of the month in which the contest is conducted.

Contestants may enter up to 3 times during a contest period. If a contestant enters more than three times, the first three answers received by Herb Allure from the contestant will be the only ones considered to be entered in the contest.

If the same answer is submitted multiple times by the same contestant, their chance of winning is not increased. Their answer will be entered into our random drawing only once.

The random selection process of selecting the winner is not weighted. If you enter a correct answer late in the contest period, you have the same chance of winning as someone who entered a correct answer early in the contest period.

The order in which entries are received is determined by the time stamp placed on e-mail that is automatically sent to an Herb Allure e-mail box set up specifically for receiving contest answers. This time stamp is used to determine when answers are received by Herb Allure.

Contestants have 45 days to reply to Herb Allure starting the day Herb Allure first attempts to contact them. Contestants who do not respond within 45 days forfeit all benefits provided by the contest, including but not limited to the monthly prize. Herb Allure will normally attempt to contact contestants through e-mail, but may use phone or postal mail if it is believed that there is a better chance to make contact.

Herb Allure is not responsible for errors related to the technology used in delivering contest questions or errors related to the technology used to contact contestants.

Herb Allure reserves sole right to judge who wins a contest, regardless of failures in technology including, but not limited to, inaccurate time stamps or failures of the system to deliver questions or contestants' answers.

Herb Allure reserves the right to judge who the winner is in cases where any type of fraud is evident. Anyone sending fraudulent submissions will be permanently banned from participating in the contest in the future.

Herb Allure is not responsible for contestants who view old or outdated pages on the website due to browser caching or any other cause.

Herb Allure reserves the sole right to determine who submitted the correct answers to contest questions in any and all situations.

Any rules not covered in this document are reserved to the sole discretion of Herb Allure.

Herb Allure reserves the right to update this agreement at any time without notice.

Contestants will hold Herb Allure and it's officers, stockholders, and employees harmless of any damages or suffering resulting from their participation or attempted participation in this contest.


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