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Search Engine Registration Links
Register your website with the major Internet search engines.

This page contains links to pages that allow you to register your website with the most important search engines. This ensures that your website will be included in search results. Link to this page with this URL:


Quick Resources

Leading Search Engines

Lists of current leading search engines: SEO Consultants

Sitemap Files

How to prepare a sitemap for your website: Sitemaps

Robot.txt Files

How to create a "robots.txt" file: Robots.txt
Robot file creation tool: How Rank

Comprehensive & Alternative Search Engine Listings

The Search Engine List
Top 100 Alternative Search Engines
Pandia Powersearch
Top 100 Alternative Search Engines List Blog

Important Search Engine Website Registration Links

Below is a list of links that allow you to register your website with the leading search engines.

There are many more search engines than those listed below, but if you register with these four, you have made your website visible to over 98% of available search engine traffic on the Internet.









Bing does not have a search engine website registration page, but there are two ways to be sure your website is registered with

(1) Put links to your website on other well-known websites, like Facebook, or Myspace. will find those links and jump over to your new website and then add it to its database.

(2) Submit a "Sitemap" to This process is a little involved and requires some technical knowledge, but instructions for doing this are located under the heading "Does Support Sitemaps" on this page: Submit A Sitemap to


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