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Mercury Battle
Oh, by the way... Mercury Is Highly Toxic!

If, as a child, you told me that you wanted to place a filling containing mercury in my mouth, I would have kindly told you that some mercury is bound to leak out over time, and that would be 'really bad for my health'.


This is a very controversial subject, and I suspect it will be for some time.

Several of my friends and relatives who are aware of my experience in this area have asked their dentists or doctors for their opinions on this subject. Reactions ranged from frustrated to fierce.

One dentist very recently told a relative of mine that the whole subject about the mercury leaking from "silver" fillings and becoming harmful to people's health is "complete hogwash"! Another dentist objected by hollering at the top of his lungs at a friend of mine right in his office. All other responses have been somewhere in between.

Say, "I Don't Know"

I believe and attempt to practice a very important principle. If you don't know the answer to a question, say "I don't know". Don't pretend to know. Don't repeat what you've heard from your friends who might or might not know. Don't react emotionally. Just say those three beautiful, honest, integerity-filled words... "I don't know".

Pride Can Kill

This principle is especially true for doctors. People generally respect doctors. Many people believe nearly anything doctors say. If a doctor is asked about things they really don't know anything about, they should tell the truth and say, "I don't know". If they fail to abide by this simple principle, they can kill someone. I believe it happens every day!

It takes a "big" person to say "I don't know". Unfortunately, there is much too much pride in the way of these humble words. This lack of humility, I fear, has caused the death of more people than have died in some wars.

"Common Sense Rules".

For me, having suffered, recovered, and been victim of the grim truth of human pride, I can only hope people will stop blindly accepting words that are contrary to common sense.

I hope people will get to know themselves well enough to learn vital truths about others. By looking squarely at yourself, you may gain a deeper understanding of human nature and further realize that, the epidemic of human pride transcends position, "job title", and image.

For this reason, whether speaking to a friend about the latest hot stock, a president about his moral conduct, or a doctor about heavy metal poisoning, you must always be aware of the pride that so dangerously colors the truth.

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