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Just Getting Old
Chapter_Title 1

A few of years ago I started having strange symptoms of declining health. I thought maybe I was getting old.

This didn't sit right with me though, mainly because the symptoms were rather odd... not what I usually associated with aging; and besides, I'm not ready to accept that I'm close to an age where aging symptoms should occur. But what do I know? I've never grown old before.

Lack of Ambition

I remember a few years earlier, when I would wake up, get out of bed and feel so ambitious about starting a new day. Not so, anymore. Now, although I still had intellectual ambition, I just didn't feel the emotion or have the energy anymore. What happened?

Strange things began to happen. I noticed that my hands fell asleep in the middle of the day. I heard ringing in my ears when laying down to sleep. I occasionally got depressed for no reason at all, and I had sharply declining ambition. Numerous other ailments began to plague me for no apparent reason.


But this is not like me. I've always been healthy, ambitious, passionate about life. I love to play racquetball and I play often. I work out on a fairly regular basis and I enjoy boating and water sports on the weekends.

These symptoms went on for quite a while. I attributed it all to hypoglycemia and possibly aging. I ate myself into hypoglycemia in my younger years with an unbelievably horrible diet. "Now I'm paying for it," I thought. But my health was getting worse... and stranger.


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