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Since 1997, Herb Allure has been providing the world's best resources for natural health professionals and NSP Distributors. As with any organization, people are the power and people are the point. Take time to meet the people who make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen!

Russ Tanner
President, Chief "Tech" and Idea Guy...

After growing up and graduating from high school in New Port Richey, Florida, Russ accelerated through electronics school in Tampa. After working in a variety of fields, he started his first company by designing and manufacturing devices that remove vocal from music recordings. In 1997, Russ started a new business, with the help of his friend and business partner, Laura, producing a product reference for NSP products. Russ loves water sports and is a self-taught musician, sound engineer and computer programmer.

Russ Says...

Since I was a child, I had dreams of doing something significant to help people. I'm so happy to have been able to participate in producing a series of books and computer programs that give credibility to natural health methods, and which generate such positive feedback.

I'll never forget the person who came up to me at the last convention and said, "I know two people who are alive today because of your book."

I will always be thankful to be involved in a project that could receive such a complement. It truly makes all the "all-nighters", "nothing has gone right today", and "I just want to start over tomorrow" days worth it.

Laura Says...

Russ is the closest to a "genius" that I've ever met. He has a tremendous knowledge about so many different things: computers, electronics, science, psychology & human nature, law, Biblical truths, etc. Russ seems to know something about almost anything. But he does have a hard time finding things...even when they're right in front of his face!

And, don't let all his brain-power fool you...Russ is very funny and enjoys kidding around...he's a big kid at heart! No matter how stressed out I get during a busy day, Russ can always make me laugh! His "silly" side is one of the only things that keeps me sane sometimes.

Russ is one of those "unsung heroes"...the type of person who goes out-of-his way to help others, who works harder and later than anyone, and who most likely will never fully know the impact he's had on this world!

P.S. It was Russ' idea to create the HART Toolkit!


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