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Who We Are
Get To Know Us... Personally

Since 1997, Herb Allure has been providing the world's best resources for natural health professionals and NSP Distributors. As with any organization, people are the power and people are the point. Take time to meet the people who make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen!

The Awesome Staff


The world's fastest page collator

Maggie helps us put all the HART pages in order. She's also crucial when it comes to the HART Toolkit update mailing...she takes care of all the folding, stuffing, and stamping. Thank you Maggie!


Vickie C.
Chief Engineer

Vickie prints, cuts, drills, assembles, and packs all the Herb Allure products. She makes sure everything is just right. Without Vickie, we'd never have time to sleep! We'd be sunk without her!


Vickie B.
Assistant to the Chief Engineer

Vickie is always ready to give us the extra help we need sometimes, no matter what we need done. Vickie's favorite job is shredding paper to make our packing material. ...and she often treats us to a tasty home-cooked meal!


Assistant to the Couch

Beware of guard cat! Since hiring Rusty, copyright violations have decreased 87%.


Assistant to the Assistant to the Couch

Rusty does such a good job, Missy doesn't have to do anything... and she does it well!


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