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Aromatherapy, The Scent of Life
A Compilation of Aromatherapy Recipes

by Mary E. Ward & Victoria-Marie Birk-Schneider

NEW & Updated 2nd Edition

Aromatherapy Recipe Guide, Jennifer Hochell
Front Cover

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Cat #: TSOL - Price $35 (10+ $28) - Sold Out

8½" x 11" Profile, 112 Pages, Comprehensive Index, Perfect Bound


A Note From the Authors

"We have created these formulations in response to needs from family, friends and hundreds and hundreds of clients over the last 10 years."

"The formulas we have in the book have worked again and again and we call them the tried and true. When we used formulas from other books they often came up short, so as we learned the oils for ourselves, we changed and created formulas, making them our own and seeing the reliability of their performance clinically. We can, with assurance, tell anyone to use any of the formulas for positive results."

Victoria~Marie & Mary


• A 10-year collection of hundreds of unique and innovative aromatherapy recipes

• The most comprehensive list of aromatherapy recipes we have found

• Carriers and Bases: How to properly deliver oil to the place it's needed

• Mixing aromatherapy oils: What you need to know

• Vital aromatherapy safety information

• Understanding and recognizing aromatherapy quality

• General uses for all major aromatherapy scents

• Business tips for profitable mixing and selling

• Sources for bottles and bottle labels



This book provides you with all of the information you need to successfully blend essential oils into your life.

At the heart of this book is a comprehensive aromatherapy recipe reference containing hundreds of smart, effective, and practical recipes. From numerous emotional issues to yeast infections to stinky feet, this is the most comprehensive collection of recipes we've found.

The remaining sections of the book provide wonderfully practical details that help you to understand essential oils. You will learn about oil classifications, safety, potency, quality, carriers and bases. Plus, you will be empowered with all of the information you need for blending and dispensing, directly from experts in the field.

This book is intelligently designed to serve as both a reference and a learning tool.

Need to quickly solve a problem? Just grab the book and look up the recipe for the problem you're dealing with. The complete recipe index at the back of the book makes this quick and simple.

If you want to increase your knowledge and skill related to essential oils, "The Scent of Life" will talk you through in an intelligent and entertaining way.


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I'm really impressed with this book... I just ordered it last week and there is so much information contained in it. I can tell there was a lot of hard work and thought that went into this book. The fact that it's spiral is a big plus too. It's definitely a book that will sit atop many of my other books and actually get read and used!

Regina, RN/ND, Doyline, Louisiana


Recommended For

We believe this book is perfectly suited for the following people:


"Aromatherapy: The Scent of Life" is ideal for everyone wishing to use essential oils to solve numerous emotional and physical health issues in a safer, more natural way. It is also perfectly suited for those who wish to clean without chemicals.

NSP Distributors

This book serves as the perfect companion for an "herbal hour" about aromatherapy and Nature's Sunshine essential oils.

If you have a "blending bar" or you simply want to sell your own essential oil blends, "Aromatherapy: The Scent of Life" will provide you with the skills and information you need.


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Table of Contents

Following is the complete Table of Contents for "Aromatherapy: The Scent of Life". (Page numbers have been excluded here).

  • Essential Oils, the Heart of the Plant
    • General Thoughts About Oil Classification
    • Fragrance Family Categories
    • A Bit About the Scents
    • Simply put... We Think of Using...For...
  • Purity ~ Safety ~ Potency
    • The Nature of Essential Oils
    • Safety Rules
    • Quality Counts
    • Essential Oil Safety Ratings
  • Delivery - Getting It From The Bottle To You
    • Bases ~ Carrying the Oils
    • Makin' It
    • Suggested Dilutions for Blends
    • Understanding Our Recipes
    • How Do you Know What Will Work?
  • Healthy Lives
    • Immune System
    • Respiratory (Cold & Flu)
    • General Health
    • Muscles, Joints, and Inflammation
    • Tummy Issues
    • Personal Care
      • Skin
      • Hair
    • Men
    • Pregnancy
      • Labor and Delivery
      • Breast Health with Breast Feeding
    • Babes and Children
      • General Conditions with Remedies
      • Children's Ailments
      • The Emotional Child
    • Mental and Emotional Health
  • The Compassionate Aromatherapist
  • Beauty - Your Home Your Spa
    • Skin Care Programs
    • Hands, Feet, and Nails
    • Spa Time Pampering
      • Baths
      • Recipes for Baths, Massage, Scrubs
      • Body Lotions
      • Healthy Tummy Massage
      • Cellulite Helps
    • Personal Scents
  • The Healthy Home
    • Uplifting ~ General Use
    • Airborne Pathogens
    • Stubborn ~ Hard to Remove Odors
    • Shoo Fly~ Inside and Outside
    • Washing Up
    • In the Bedroom
    • On the Surface
    • In the Wash House
    • Pets - Fido and Friskie at Home
  • Business Tips
    • Figure Out Your Cost
    • Best Sellers...To Make and Sell
    • Sale Tips for Oil Formulas
    • Getting the Word Out
    • Bottle and Label Resources
  • Heart of the Plant...On a Personal Note
  • The End of Our Book!
  • Recipe Index
  • References


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