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The Healthy Pet Herb Guide
The Essential Natural Health Reference for Pets

by Vivian O'Neill, N.H.P., R.h.A., Clinical Herbalist (Humans and Animals)

NEW & Updated 2017 Edition

Healthy Pet Herb Guide by Vivian McCue-O'Neill

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8½" x 11" Profile, Spiral-Bound Softcover, 312 pages, Complete Index



  • Now over 300 pages of in-depth natural health information for animals
  • Specifically references NSP products throughout
  • Practical, yet well-detailed. Covers a myriad of ailments and diverse subjects
  • Dietary solutions are constantly addressed
  • Know and understand your pet by determining their Chinese constitution
  • Yin and Yang and your dog
  • Proven methods for administering herbs
  • Reference section provides detailed information for over 75 NSP products used in the book
  • Professionally written with a personal touch
  • A number of stories from personal experience help you understand your pets
  • Much, much more...

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Recommended For

  • NSP Distributors
    Let this book help you dramatically expand your client base by teaching you numerous pet remedies. This book is written specifically for NSP products.
  • All Health Professionals (alternative, allopathic, veterinary, etc.)
    Let this book help you dramatically expand your client base by teaching you how to help your clients bring their best friends back to health, naturally.
  • Everyone With Pets
    Learn how to keep your best friends healthy and happy the natural way with this very friendly, easy-to-understand, in-depth reference


Like an encyclopedia of natural pet health, this 312-page reference contains specific, in-depth natural health information for pets covering an exceptionally wide array of subjects.

Full of examples for dogs, cats and horses, this complete reference is saturated with detailed information specifically naming and recommending NSP products for animal ailments from cover to cover. It even contains a detailed reference section in the back with over 75 NSP products categorized and described from an animal-health point-of-view.

Vivian does not dabble in Chinese constitution, she delves right in with pages of detailed practical information helping you identify your pet's make-up, personality, sensitivities and strengths. She also includes a test you can use to help you determine if your pet is fire, wood, water, earth or metal.

You'll love the way this book is written. It makes you feel like you have an expert teacher sitting right there with you. It is speckled with Vivian's personal experiences and helps you become personally acquainted with the processes involved in working with animals.

From cataracts, pyometra and distemper, to weight- management, vaccinations, fleas, relocating and aggression, this amazing book covers so much more than we have room to mention here. If you're looking for a comprehensive reference to help you help our best friends, this is the resource you want.

Sample Pages

Below are sample pages from the Healthy Pet Herb Guide.

These are actual quotes from our customers!

"Wonderful book, I use it, I love it! My husband's German shorthair has bad reactions to the shots she receives whenever we have to board her. Every time she experiences major illness afterwards...primarily Kennel Cough. Usually it takes a week of being on horrible antibiotics and a nasty cough syrup, and then we have to repopulate her body with good bacteria. This last time I looked in the Healthy Pet Herb Guide. I had the Liquid Echinacea/Goldenseal on hand that the book recommends and I followed exactly what the book said. In 48 hours, our dog was fine. As a result, our dog is healthier and we saved a lot of money on vet bills and medication."

Paula R., Thornton, Colorado

"Wonderful! I love it! I'm just delighted with it! I read the whole book in one sitting, I couldn't walk away from it! My neighbor is going to get one and I'm getting an extra one to give as a Christmas present."

Marilyn T., San Fernando, CA

Table of Contents

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