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The Comprehensive Guide To
Nature's Sunshine Products
NEW 6th Edition

by Steven H. Horne, AHG, Herbalist, Lecturer, Author,
Teacher, Former President of the American Herbalists Guild

NEW & Expanded 6th Edition

The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products by Steven Horne

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8 1/2" x 11" Profile, 448 Pages Perfect Bound


New & Expanded 6th Edition

New In This Edition:

  • New Binding: This new edition uses a binding that lays flat when you open it, and is sturdier than the old bindings, so it will stand up better to wear and tear.
  • New Lower Price: The new price of the book is $35.95, a savings of $4.00 per book over previous editions.
  • Detailed Table of Contents: Now with a nine-page Table of Contents (which also serves as an index) to the front of the book. Every condition and product is listed in this index so you can rapidly find the information you need.
  • Section Tabs: To make it even easier to look things up, tabs have been added for each of the six sections in the book. This allows you to rapidly navigate to the exact section you want to reference.
  • New Therapies Section: This new section covers 26 general therapies you can use for healing. These therapies are linked to the conditions and include instructions for using essential oils (aromatherapy), flower essences, oral chelation, hiatal hernia correction and much more.
  • New Products: New US products found in this edition include:
    AnxiousLess, Chlorophyll ES, CurcuminBP, Equolibrium™, Healthy Start, Mind-Max, Nature’s Harvest, Relief Formula, Solstic Slim, Stixated™, Sweet FX™ and Ultra Therm™.

    Also new to this edition are the Canadian products: All Natural Pain Relief, Arginine Plus and Flax Hull Lignans
  • New and Updated Conditions: Kimberly Balas and Thomas Easley contributed to updating the recommendations for the various conditions listed in this edition, which means you have the combined clinical experience of three natural healers working for you when you look up a health issue you’re trying to resolve. We’ve also added the following new conditions:
    Abuse and Trauma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Liver Detoxification, Metabolic Syndrome, Shame and Guilt, Sleep Apnea and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
  • Choose Product by Type: In the past, products of all types were listed together in alphabetical order for each condition. Even though favorites were highlighted, the list could still be overwhelming. To make the job of selecting products easier, this list is broken down by category. You can now quickly find which single herbs, herbal formulas, single nutrients, nutritional formula, nutraceutical products, packs, essential oils, flower essences, topical products and/or appliances may be helpful for any given condition.
  • Improved General Directions: A new topic, "Tips for Using Herbs and Supplements", is included in the introduction. This provides general information about selecting the right products, how long it takes to see results, how to adjust dosages and how to deal with negative (or adverse) reactions.


The Comprehensive Guide To Nature's Sunshine Products is an invaluable guide to help you use NSP products more effectively.

This guide is designed to help NSP Managers, Distributors and customers (who use NSP products) maximize the benefits of NSP's fantastic products.

This reference contains: An NSP product reference, a comprehensive ailment index, an index to body systems, an index to the properties of various natural remedies, a guide for natural healing therapies, and a new section on core health nutrition, core health cleansing, weight management, energy and fitness, and Chinese herbal formulas.

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Recommended For

  • NSP Distributors
    This outstanding reference contains a wealth of information to help you help others and to understand how to use NSP products more effectively.
  • Health Professionals
    Learn how to use alternative healing methods, herbs, and other nutritional supplements for prevention and overall health.
  • Everyone who uses Nature's Sunshine Products
    Keep this valuable guide handy so you'll know exactly what to do the next time a small emergency hits home.

About the Author

This reference has been compiled and edited by Steven Horne, RH (AHG), who has been providing NSP Managers and Distributors with quality educational materials for 20 years. This book is an invaluable reference for everyone who uses or sells NSP products.

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