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The World's #1 Computer Product Reference
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Computer Program

Introductory Video

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Who's Using HART On CD?

These successful NSP Distributors use HART On CD or the NSP Master Reference to build their NSP businesses:

  • Most President's Trophy Winners
  • The NSP Managers of the Year for 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016 & 2018.
Toni & Bob Holland: NSP Managers of the Year (2005)

"Your tools, especially the Footprints and HART books are the heart of our business. Everyone who purchases products gets a copy of what they have purchased. When we break out a mgr, they get their own books as a gift from us. And our downline has now done the same with their downline. We really love the Spanish version also. We use and love the tools you have provided. Thanks!"

—Toni and Bob Holland, 2005 NSP Managers of the Year

HART On CD Overview

The most requested product we've ever produced!

Educates Customers: Provides detailed scientific and university research on ALL NSP supplements, essential oils, & flower essences.

Sells Products for You: Quickly print customized multi-product info-paks for your customers.

Educate Yourself: Powerful search capabilities empower you to build your knowledge and find anything instantly.

The World is Your Storefront: E-Mail product reference sheets quickly & easily. Customers easily view them with a single click.

All Your Research in One Place: Create, import, print, & search your own unlimited library of information.

Seeing is Buying: High-resolution color NSP product pictures allow customers to see the products they're learning about.

No Computer Geniuses Required: Very easy to use & includes super-simple online video tutorials.

The best investment you'll ever make in your business!

Note: All orders for the HART On CD program will receive FREE software updates AND FREE NSP document updates through version 2.0.


HART On CD Details

Educates Customers

The key to selling supplements is educating your customers.

The HART On CD program educates your customers for you by providing detailed scientific and university research on ALL NSP supplements, essential oils, & flower essences. Nearly all research is referenced.

The research is in-depth yet easy to read. Many credit HART On CD product sheets for converting doctors from cynical to pro-supplement in minutes.

Sells Products for You

Many excited NSP Distributors have told us that they built their businesses by simply handing out HART On CD product reference sheets.

Customers read the sheets, get excited about products, and buy. In short, educating customers builds your business.

Educate Yourself

Many tell us they didn't know anything when they first became NSP Distributors.

After reading HART On CD product reference sheets, Distributors feel confident and are highly-regarded for being knowledgeable in their field.

The World is Your Storefront

Reach potential customers anywhere in the world.

You are no longer limited to customers in your area. With HART On CD, you can easily email product reference sheets anywhere.

All Your Research in One Place

With HART On CD, you can create and import documents. This empowers you to build your own custom library of fully-searchable and printable articles, references, notes, research, or anything you want. It's as easy as using a word processor.

Seeing is Buying

We all know how important it is that customers can see the products they are considering buying.

The HART On CD program provides big, beautiful color pictures so customers can feel connected with the product they're learning about.

No Computer Geniuses Required

HART On CD could not be easier to use.

To open a document, just click on it.

To print a document, just click the "print" button.

To see what ailments a product is used for, just click a button.

To see what ingredients a product contains, just click a button.

HART On CD provides several video tutorials to make using the program as easy as it could possibly be.


What People Are Saying About HART On CD


"I must thoroughly congratulate you on your excellent work with all the valuable information that you have gathered about so many herbs, vitamins and minerals. Not only has it been so educational to me but it is very reassuring to my clients to understand what they are taking and how it will help them with their specific health issue.

You definitely have left and will leave your mark on many lives. I greatly appreciate the countless hours you have spent on this project."

Lourdes M.
Sunnyvale, California


"The Hart On CD is a great asset... I use it on a daily basis... It provides good information... Really good search features. Thank-you..."

Herman F.
Winkler Manitoba, Canada


"I love the program and would recommend it to everyone. Not only is it great for NSP distributors, but for health conscious consumers as well."

Leslie H.
Prunedale, California

Dr. Jack

"It's the best darn program ever....worth it's weight in gold. After seeing the information, most doctors are willing to let their patients (...also my clients) take what I recommend."

Dr. Jack H.
Uvalde, Texas

"In our responsibility to educate customers, we greatly appreciate Herb Allure because of the historical and scientific herb details given, numerous references and especially because it can be printed out, taken home and inform the spouse and even Grandma on the wonderful benefits of the Creator’s herbs."

Jim & Linda Jenks,
NSP Senior National Managers, Nevada

"I love the HART On CD because you have the science and that's what people want! There are people who actually have a brain in their head and they really do want the science for what they're using, that's why I love having HART On CD because I get some real "meat" that I can share, not just generic info!"

Annette B.,
New Hampshire

"I absolutely love my HART book in hardcover as well as in CD form. My customers are scattered around the country and I use the CD Program to email them the pages of supplements which they should be considering. This allows them to make informed choices and take more responsibility for their health. My HART book also lends more credibility to me in my customers eyes."

Carla R.

"I love the new email function; it's working just beautifully."

Sharon H.
Yorktown, Virginia

"Wonderful program. My store would be lost without it."

Ronda J.
Watervliet, Michigan

"I love it! It is exactly what I was looking for. ...It is extremely valuable to what I do; my clients love to read those sheets after the testing, as it confirms that, what they tested for is truly what they need."

Wendy K.
Webster, New York

"Just a note to tell you how valuable you have made your Hart On CD!!!!

Since you have offered the e-mail option, my time with my patients are given to them, not printing off page after page of material I want to arm them with.  Thank you for making this an option!

After my patient leaves, I e-mail them the products I have suggested - from your program and they read them leisurely.  This is very valuable to my office and to my patients!  Also when promoting an NSP product.  I just drop the info in each patients e-mail. Thank you so much."

Karen M. ND, BSNH, Herbalist
New Buffalo, Michigan

"I just love your [HART On CD] program. It's so user friendly!"

Debbie W.
Pleasanton, California

"I wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful product, Hart on CD. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and that you are so committed to keeping it up to date with my NSP products. ...Keep up the good work, it is truly appreciated. May God bless you greatly!"

New Port Richey, Florida

"Thank you so much for sending on my email request for tech support. I am having trouble with my air card and some dead spots in my home, but didn’t realize that until I talked with Russ Tanner."

"I’ve spoken to him twice now, and both times he was a wealth of patience and information. Thank you for sending my email request on to him, and thanks for your product. It’s well-worth every penny, as I am very new to NSP, and don’t have a command of their product line by a long shot! I’m very appreciative of your software and the support it is to my new business."

Greeley, Colorado

"Just can not say enough good things about this program and all you and your staff do to keep us informed and up to dated. This is more than worth the cost to purchase for anyone who really wants to give a good informational sheet of what product is made of so they can share with their Dr. if they want to. Thanks again for all you do."

Shiella, F.
Moline, Illoinis

"We LOVE this program! It is awesome! God bless you for putting it together. "

Apopka, Florida

Anonymous Testimonials

"This program is awesome! I love the way you can search for anything you want and then print a bunch of pages out at one time."

"I love the ways it's laid out. It's easy to understand and simple, yet provides really flexible search and print capabilities."

"You guys did it again!!"

"You have a customer for life! It really is a pleasure dealing with people like you."

"We've waited so long for this. This program is gonna' help us build our business like nothin' else we have."


Sample Pages

Here are a few sample pages to help you get an idea of how HART On CD documents appear when printed or viewed on your computer screen.

When printed, these documents are 8½" x 11".

AnxiousLess Berberine IR Breath Deep


Recommended For

We believe the HART On CD program is perfectly suited for:

NSP Distributors

This product was written exclusively for you. NSP product information is presented in a way that is technical enough to give to a medical professional (doctor) while still being easily readable by someone who has no background in natural health. HART On CD is designed to educate, and thereby, to help sell supplements for you.

Many very successful NSP Distributors have built their businesses using HART On CD.

NSP Customers

Be empowered to make your own decisions about the products you want to take. HART On CD puts all the best in-depth information for NSP products at your fingertips.

Natural Health Professionals

Even if you don't sell Nature's Sunshine Products, HART On CD provides an unprecedented volume of easy-to-search information about herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and flower essences. This vast array of information will help you regardless of which brand(s) of supplements you distribute.


Learn more about natural health supplements and essential oils from the world's most reliable sources. HART On CD provides an unprecedented volume of easy-to-search information about herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and flower essences. Use HART On CD to educate yourself and your family so you can make informed decisions about your health.Top

System Requirements
HART On CD runs on the following operating systems


HART On CD is a native Windows program and runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 (and beyond).

The HART On CD program will work with all devices that use Windows.

Apple Mac OS-X

HART On CD runs on Apple Mac (OS-X) using any of the following helper programs. All of these programs allow Windows programs to run on Mac.

Side By Side Comparison

This table shows the pros and cons of each method of running Windows applications on Mac. Prices are approximate.

Type Price Requires
Run Apps
CrossOver Windows
$25 to
No Yes
Parallels Virtual
$40 Yes Yes
VBox Virtual
Free Yes Yes
VMWare Virtual
$250 Yes Yes
Boot Camp Dual Boot
Free Yes No

*Requires Windows: You must have a licensed copy of Windows. Windows will run inside of the specified helper application. For example, Windows runs inside Parallels, however Crossover emulates Windows so you don't need to own a copy of Windows.
**Run Apps Concurrently: The helper program allows you to run Windows applications at the same time as Mac programs.

Our Recommendations: The Short Version

Parallels: If you want the ultimate in simplicity, compatibility (works with virtually all Windows programs), and integration (runs Windows programs side-by-side with Mac programs, and can even launch Windows programs directly from your dock) and you are willing to spend a little more money (because you must own a copy of Windows that must be installed "inside" Parallels), then Parallels is your best choice. Parallels is considered an industry standard and is widely used. If you happen to have a spare copy of Windows that has not been previously activated on another computer, you can use that copy of Windows instead of purchasing a new copy of Windows. Beware of Window's OEM licenses. If your spare copy of Windows is an OEM version, and if it has been previously installed on any computer, then you likely cannot use it inside a "virtual machine" like Parallels. To work without issues, your copy of Windows that you intend to install "inside" Parallels should be either (1) a full, retail, non-OEM version, or (2) an OEM version that has never been previously installed on any computer. HART On CD has been tested and works with Parallels.

CrossOver: If you want avoid the expense of purchasing another copy of Windows, and you are willing to sacrifice a bit of simplicity, CrossOver may be best for you. CrossOver is rapidly growing in popularity because it's quite reliable and does not require that you own a copy of Windows. The interface works like this. You first launch CrossOver (it can be launched from your dock), then you can have any number of Windows programs installed inside of it. When Windows progams run, they run side-by-side with your Mac programs. CrossOver is slightly more complicated to use than Parallels so you may need to read the directions to get started. It is compatible with about 90-95% of Windows programs. HART On CD has been tested and works with CrossOver. The only caveat is that installation requires 2 extra steps and may have to be done by Herb Allure tech support (we don't charge for this) if you're not tech savvy. However, once HART On CD is installed inside CrossOver, it's very easy to launch and use.

Details: The Long Version

Below is a list of programs that enable you to run Windows applications on Mac along with details about each one.

CrossOver - Crossever is a powerful and economical way to run many Windows programs on Mac for about $60 ($45 on sale). CrossOver emulates Windows so you do not need to own a copy of Windows to use it, which saves you even more money. CrossOver lets you run Windows inside your Mac operating system (OS-X) so you can easily switch between Windows and Mac apps and run them side-by-side. CrossOver is becoming increasingly popular with Mac users because of it's low price and because you don't need a copy of Windows to use it.

Parallels - Parallels is very popular and widely used by businesses and home computer users. Parallels is your overall easiest and most flexible option for running Windows on your Mac. Windows applications runs at the same time as the Mac operating system (OS-X) so you can use Windows and Mac applications at the same time (side-by-side). Parallels costs about $40, but you also need to own a copy of Windows to run inside of Parallels.

VBox - VBox (by Oracle) creates a virtual computer inside your Mac. You then install any popular operating system on this virtual computer. It's free and works well. To run Windows on a virtual computer, you must own a copy of Windows, just as if you were going to install it on a regular (non-virtual) computer. First, install VBox on your Mac. This creates a virtual computer. Now install Windows on this virtual computer. Now you can install HART On CD in Windows in your virtual computer.

VMware Workstation - VMWare is a company that creates an entire line of virtual computer software. It's pricey (~$250) but very highly regarded and very easy to use. You can install any popular operating system on the virtual computer that VMWare creates. To run Windows on a virtual computer, you must own a copy of Windows, just as if you were going to install it on a regular (non-virtual) computer. First, install VMWare on your Mac and create a virtual computer. Then install Windows on this virtual computer. Now you can install HART On CD on this virtual computer.

Boot Camp - This allows you to install Windows on your Mac, but you must reboot your computer to switch between Mac OS-X and Windows. Boot Camp is free and has been popular with home computer users for some time. It may not be supported forever but can still be downloaded from the Apple website. Because you cannot run your Windows and Mac apps side-by-side, this is becoming a less popular option for business oriented computer users. It may, however remain popular for gamers and audio/video producers who want to use their Mac for specialized purposes that require the ultimate performance from their Mac hardware when using Windows based software.


Technical Support Policy
If you need tech support, we can help.

Herb Allure tech support will be happy to help you install, update, or repair your HART On CD program. We can also install HART On CD on your Mac computer.


Each copy of the HART On CD program you purchase includes one free tech support session. Subsequent sessions are $7.50 for each 15 minutes of support time.



HART On CD licensing follows the industry standard licensing model for most consumer computer software. This is the same licensing model used by Microsoft and nearly all producers of consumer software.

This software is licensed for use on a single computer.

You may move your license to another computer at any time by uninstalling HART On CD from the original computer and installing it on your new computer, and then calling the Herb Allure technical support line for a "Remote Authorization" key (takes about 2 minutes).

You may view our standard EULA (End User License Agreement) by clicking on the following link: EULA. For more information on EULAs, visit Wikipedia's EULA page.


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