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Domain forwarding allows you to shorten an existing Internet address so it's easier to remember.
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What Does This Service Do For Me?

This services turns your existing "mynsp" internet address (or any other website address) into something shorter and much easier to remember.

Domain name forwarding is a powerful, yet terribly under-utilized tool that can help you skyrocket your website visitors and your product sales.

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Easily convert this hard-to-remember website address:
(spoken: "my-n-s-p-dot-com-forward slash-my-herb-store")

into this:
(spoken: "my-herb-store-dot-com")

(We can also arrange to have any number of Internet addresses forward people directly to your website. Call us for details!)

Why Is This Important?

If They Can Remember It, They Will Come!

People are much more likely to visit a website if they can remember the domain name.

With a shorter website address, all of your advertising—whether broadcast, print, business card, or simply word-of-mouth—suddenly becomes dramatically more effective.

If They Get It Right The First Time, They Will Come!

People commonly make typing errors when attempting to visit a website. When they do this, they typically end up with an error on their screen. More than often, these people won't try again.

You've just lost a potential customer!

A short and easy-to-remember domain name makes sure people find your website quickly and without delays!

How Does This Benefit My Business?

Product Focus

Do a large group of your customers use a particular product?

Use a forwarding domain to quickly send people directly to that product page.

This is a very effective way to work on sales of products that you know will sell if only people can quickly find them.

For example, this link to silver shield:

Could Become:

Multiple Paths

If you want to create multiple avenues for people to find your website or a specific product page, you can use multiple domains to point to the same website or webpage.

For example, this link to silver shield:

Could be reached by any of several domain names, like:


The cost for this service varies depending on the approach you take. Please see the details below.

Do It Yourself

Free with domain name (about $9 per year): If you simply need to forward a domain name to another web address, the cost is free with the purchase of a domain name which starts at about $9 per year (depending on the domain name).

If you're ready to get started right now, just visit "One-Up Domains"—Our domain name and website hosting do-it-yourself supercenter.


$20 Per Year: If you have a special need or would like us to set this service up for you over the phone, the cost is only $20 per year for domain forwarding. If you want to purchase a domain name along with the forwarding service, just add about $9 (depending on the domain name).

If you have any questions or would like to get started now, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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