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Hair Test Interpretation:
Finding Hidden Toxicities
How To Properly Interpret
Hair Analysis

Drugs and Natural Alternatives by Clell Fowles

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Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE Hair Test Analysis Hair Test Analysis

8 ½" x 11" Profile 298 Pages, Perfect Staple Bound



New research is revealing that heavy metal toxicity is one of the most prevalent causes of modern disease. Hair analysis is one of the best tools for discovering and understanding body chemistry as it relates to heavy metals.

Hair Analysis Interpretation is the most comprehensive source of information you will find on this critically important subject.

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Recommended For

  • All Health Professionals (Alternative and Allopathic)
    With recent research indicating that heavy metal toxicity as the root level cause of so many diseases, understanding and being able to interpret hair analysis results is absolutely vital.
  • Everyone considering having hair analysis
    This book empowers you to read and understand your own hair analysis in detail so you can draw your own conclusions about your hair analysis.

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Medical science is discovering what natural health professionals have known for years:

"Heavy metal toxicity is one of the leading root causes of disease and is rampant throughout the world today."

Interpreting hair analysis results is a science unto itself, involving a complex interaction between different components found in hair tests. This book is very readable by the layperson, yet comprehensive—a style typical of Dr. Cutler.

Hair Test Interpretation not only covers interpreting hair analysis results, but also contains in-depth information about how different heavy metals affect the body, where they come from (sources), and what to do about them (how to detox). It also helps you understand the interaction between elements so you can supplement or make dietary changes as necessary.

Hair Test Interpretation contains dozens of sample hair test charts and a number of case studies to help you understand the concepts as quickly and easily as possible. This invaluable reference has never been more relevant than in today's toxic world.

List of metals covered:

  • Aluminum (AL)
  • Antimony (SB)
  • Arsenic (AS)
  • Barium (BA)
  • Beryllium (BE)
  • Bismuth (BI)
  • Boron (B)
  • Cadmium (CD)
  • Calcium (CA)
  • Chromium (CR)
  • Cobalt (CO)
  • Copper (CU)
  • Gadolinium (GD)
  • Germanium (GE)
  • Gold (AU)
  • Iodine (I)
  • Iron (FE
  • Lead (PB)
  • Magnesium (MG)
  • Manganese (MN)
  • Mercury (HG)
  • Molybdenum (MO)
  • Nickel (NI)
  • Palladium (PD)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Platinum (PT)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Rubidium (RB)
  • Silicon (SI)
  • Silver (AG)
  • Sodium (NA)
  • Sulfur (S)
  • Thallium (TL)
  • Thorium (TH)
  • Tin (SN)
  • Titanium (TI)
  • Tungsten (W)
  • Uranium (U)
  • Vanadium (V)
  • Zinc (ZN)
  • Zirconium (ZR)
  • Alloys Used in Surgical Implants

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