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Put a live, interactive chat room on your website!

MyChat is a serious and powerful tool that can revolutionize your website by providing a dynamic, real-time link between the massive Internet market and your business.

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Are You Serious About E-Business?

Far too often, small businesses put up a website and then do little or nothing with it. This is sad despite the fact that, with a little effort, the Internet can provide the greatest time-to-profit ratio of any media in the world.

MyChat is a serious and powerful tool that can revolutionize your website by providing a dynamic, real-time link between the massive Internet market and your business. Here are some ideas you can utilize for virtually nothing:

Make yourself available on your chat room during predesignated times and dates for free question and answer sessions.

If you've been in the natural health business long, you know that providing people with quick, personalized information is the best way to help people and sell products. Sit in the comfort of your home after hours—which are often peak Internet hours—and help people while you build your business.

Provide a forum where a groups of people can meet at a predesignated time to discuss specific health issues.

For example: "Monday the 17th, we will be discussing new research to help people lower cholesterol. Monday the 24th, we will be introducing and discussing a new herbal product that has been proven to fight cancer and stimulate the immune system. Come join this free discussion."

Provide a constant and convenient vehicle whereby people, visiting you website, can quickly get answers to their questions.

If you have a constant connection to the Internet (DLS, cable modem, etc.), than you should invite people on all pages of your website to jump into the chat room and ask a question. When you leave the chat room running in a browser on your computer, you will hear a sound signalling that someone has entered. Now, type away and help them solve their problem. As you know, sharing helpful information with people often leads to sales.

The Internet is the world's largest and most powerful marketplace in the world. Put it to work for you!

Take It For A Test Drive

This is an actual, functioning chat room; Identical to one you can have on your own website. It's a great business-building tool and very easy to use!

Simple Instructions

1. Enter your name and click the "!! Chat Now !!" button.
2. In the window that appears, type a message into the box at the bottom and press ENTER on your keyboard. Your message is instantly broadcast to everyone in the chatroom. That's it!



Note: We've already designed a "Help" page for you.
Just place this link near your chat window:

Click Here for Help


The cost for this service is only $5 per month, minimum 6 months. One or two sales per month can more than pay for this valuable service.

Click here for more information on how you can get MyChat on your website.

Need Help Setting It Up?

No Problem!

We'll set it up for you on your existing web page for a one-time fee of $20. If you set it up yourself, there is no setup fee.

Want to set it up yourself? Here's what you need to do to get started.

Want Chatrooms on Multiple Pages of the Same Website?

Great Idea! The cost stays the same.

Just set up additional chat rooms the same way you set up the first one. It's easy. You can even copy and paste the entire chat room from one page to another if you're using website design software like MacroMedia's Dreamweaver, or Microsoft's Front Page.

Need Help Setting Up Multiple Pages?

No Problem!

Just add $10 for each additional page you want us to set up for you. All we need is Telnet access to the webserver on which your website is located. Don't know what "Telnet Access" is? No problem! Just give us the phone number or e-mail address of your web hosting company. We'll take care of the rest.

How To Purchase MyChat

Visit the purchase instructions page for information on how to purchase the MyChat system for your website.


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