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Health News  

Health News
Getting your news from mainstream media? Better think again!

This page contains important links to information related to health. We include these links to help you be more informed and more effective in your battle to help others regain their health and to encourage others to become better informed. Feel free to suggest a link to us.


Health News

People around the world are becoming more and more aware that mainstream media sources of information are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies and other special interests.

People are also realizing that long-held beliefs about subjects like fluoride and amalgam dental fillings (a.k.a. "silver" fillings) are simply not true and that these false beliefs have possibly been promoted simply for the financial benefit of the medical industry and at the cost of your personal health.

This page contains links to information that will help you combat this barage of misinformation that is constantly fed through mainstream media. Please do your part to educate your friends and family about these important issues and to dispel the myths that have been falsely promoted for so long.


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