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Health News
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This page contains important links to information related to health. We include these links to help you be more informed and more effective in your battle to help others regain their health and to encourage others to become better informed. Feel free to suggest a link to us.


Contamination by Legislation

Water fluoridation and dental fluoride has long been believed to be beneficial. Within the past 10 years, the truth has come out about the harmful side-effects associated with fluoride. As a result, hundreds of cities worldwide have ceased fluoridating their water supplies.

Unfortunately, the battle rushes on as pharmaceutical companies and other special interests continue to promote unhealthy legislation which can be for no other purpose than for their own economic gain, and all this at the price of person health.

How does unhealthy legislation benefit pharmaceutical companies? Because only sick people are profitable in their industry. In terms of actual dollars moved, cancer may be the most profitable industry in the United States second only to oil.

Fluoride Links
Various internet links to useful fluoride information

What's Wrong With This Picture?
"...the greatest scientific fraud ever..."

Fluoride and Thyroid Disease
Several California cities reject fluoridation.

EPA Demands: "No Fluoride"
"...[EPA]... demands...nonfluoridated EPA headquarters..."

Intl. Society for Fluoride Research
Exceptional scientific studies!


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