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DMPS Injection
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Tuesday afternoon, Laura and I headed down to the Medical Center for Preventative & Nutritional Medicine, Inc. in St. Petersburg (over an hour drive) for our DMPS injection. This place came very highly recommended by Laura's father, who has been going for chelation therapy for some time and having remarkable results.

[NOTE: Inserted June 28, 2002: This clinic was raided by the FDA a few months ago. According to a local newspaper, important information regarding research using I.V. aloe was confiscated. Other reports about the study that had been mailed to the University of Austin, who was actually conducting the study along with several other clinics nationwide, were reported to never have been received by the University. Several people who were receiving IV aloe voluntarily had been in remission even though their doctors said there was nothing more that they could do for them. Several of these people who were in remission, have since died, being no longer able to receive their Aloe by order of the FDA. This event made local news and has created quite a stir among local natural health advocates. We hope to carry stories and expanded information about this event as we are aware that the FDA is closing or greatly hindering the business and research of individuals involved in natural health all over the country. If you have information or a story you would like to share, please contact us.]

This was not at all what I expected. It had a very casual, social atmosphere and the waiting room didn't seem like a clinical waiting room at all. It was more like a tiny living room.

After waiting a few minutes, Georgianne led us down a maze of carpeted halls to a room with about 10 large reclining chairs and 2 wooden dowels (the kind you'd find in a closet, except really long) mounted on the ceiling. These dowels had a bunch of decorative chains with "S" hooks on the end and were used to hang IV bottles. There were 3 people in this room. Two had IV's in their arms.

We sat down and received the DMPS injection over the next 30 minutes or so. They only inject 1 CC every 4 minutes so it takes some time. During this time, the others in the room struck up a conversation with us. We found that they were exceptionally well-informed about the whole mercury/amalgam thing. We became so involved in socializing that we almost forgot to continue our injections several times.

I find it so amazing that people seem to be either very informed or completely uninformed about natural health issues. There are not so many (but a growing number) in the middle. It seems that once you get started learning this stuff, you continue and you never go back. That's a good thing!

Vitamin C IV

After the DMPS was administered, Laura and I both were feeling horrible. We had nearly the same symptoms: headache, tiredness, foggy-mindedness, some nausea, etc. It felt like a severe sugar low. The medical assistant then told us that the doctor said we should follow-up the DMPS with an IV with 50 grams of vitamin C (that's grams, not milligrams). So over the next hour, we took the vitamin C IV.

Amazingly, within 10 minutes after starting the vitamin C IV, we started feeling better, especially me. Halfway through the IV (30 minutes later), I felt perfectly normal. It was great. I am really glad we did it because I don't know how I could get any work done in the condition I was in before the vitamin C.

On a side note: I noticed Tuesday evening that a hard, very sore bump developed under my left arm. The bump is about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. This is the arm I received the DMPS injection and vitamin C IV in.

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