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Thank you for your interest in this important subject!

Here, you can find out about Herb Allure's policies concerning copyrights. You can also learn about how to obtain permission to use excerpts from Herb Allure's books, computer programs, and other materials.

Why Copyrights

Getting Special Permission

Right-To-Copy License

Using Copyrighted Material On Your Website

Have you ever had someone walk into your business, take products off your shelf and walk out the door without paying? I hope not!

If you copy Herb Allure materials without abiding by copyright law and policy, that is exactly what you are doing to us.

Herb Allure's policy concerning website usage of copyrighted material is very simple...


Unless you have specific, written permission from Herb Allure, do not use any copyrighted Herb Allure material on your website. We do, however, give permission to do this on a one-by-one basis.

Please contact us and we can initiate the simple process with you. We will mail or fax you a Special Usage Agreement form. It only take a few minutes to complete. It keeps us in business and keeps your conscience clean.

Using copyrighted materials on a website can be especially damaging to us because it's very easy for visitors to your website to copy and paste text from a web browser into any document they want... plus it's globally available.

Like you, our goal is to help people. Please help us help you by respecting Herb Allure's copyright policy. Do not violate our copyright policies! When you do, you're a thief.

You're either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Make the right choices!


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