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HART Master Reference Updates
Keep Your HART Master Reference Book

HART - Herb Allure Resource Toolkit
by Herb Allure

Also Available in Spanish HART NSP Master Reference Updates


Available NOW In These Formats


HART Paperback




Keep your HART Master Reference book up-to-date by subscribing to the annual HART update program.

Have an old HART book? Contact us to order "back updates" to bring your HART book completely up-to-date!Top


The Herb Allure Resource Toolkit
Yearly Update Program

If you've been with NSP for any time now, you know how often they add new products to their line.

For this reason, Herb Allure offers the HART update subscription. This subscription keeps your HART Master Reference book current with all the latest products that NSP introduces, and offers expanded product information on selected existing products as new research becomes available.

Updates are sent out three times per year and include an instruction sheet that takes you through the process of inserting the new pages into your HART book—step-by-step.

Once-a-year, Herb Allure also updates and expands the A-to-Z Ailment Reference. This update adds all the new NSP products to your A-To-Z Ailment Index, PLUS adds a number of new ailments to the list.

If you have never purchased updates, or you let them expire some time ago, no problem. Herb Allure keeps a history of every book by serial number, and can find out at any time exactly which updates are needed to bring any book completely current.

Your last set of updates will automatically include a handy renewal form to remind you when "It's Time to Renew!" You can also contact us and we'll automatically renew your subscription each year (this is becoming popular).

If you haven't updated your HART Master Reference for a while, or at all, now is the time to start.



What People Are Saying...
These are actual quotes from our customers!

"You guys do such a great job of keeping my [HART] book current!"

"This is such a great idea... and you're so easy to work with. Keep my updates coming!"

"A lot of companies promise to update their products. You-all actually follow through!"



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