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The Herbal Guide Brochure
Easy-to-Customize Brochures for NSP Distributors

Herbal Guide NSP Product CatalogHerbal Guide NSP Product Catalog

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4 Page Format 8.5" High x 5.5" Wide - 2012 Edition
(You receive one camera-ready master set)



These detailed, customizable and informative brochures feature NSP products in a compact format—8 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide. This 4-page brochure contains a "glimpse" of NSP products available (about 35% of the NSP product line). The Herbal Guide NSP Brochures are designed to attract new customers, while also bringing your existing customers back. Also available in Spanish.


Providing your customers with a comprehensive, yet attractive list of NSP products is a daunting task that is now made simple with these informative brochures.

Brochures do not list prices so they can be used for a long time, despite frequent NSP price changes. Both formats are available in English and Spanish.

Personalize Them for Your Business

These brochures contain a large blank area on the front, allowing you to customize them for your business. The easiest way to customize your brochures is to tape your business card on the front (or use a rubber stamp), then you're ready to make your copies.


Designed by a former NSP Manager-of-the-Year, the Herbal Guide NSP Brochures are proven and they work! These effective brochures have been used by Top-Selling NSP distributors for years!

All brochures list NSP products in an attractive and organized format (by Body System) that allows your customers to find what they need quickly.

For your customers who don't know what they need, each product listed contains a concise, yet descriptive line of helpful information that offers suggested product uses.

Brochures even contain a general "Medical Disclaimer" notice.


The Herbal Guide brochure has the following special sections followed by a corresponding list of products:

- Weight Loss
- Energy
- Pure Essential Oils (Aromatherapy)
- Herbs for Men
- Herbs for Women
- Herbs for Children
- Herbs and Supplements for Pets

It also has sections for each of the Body Systems followed by a corresponding list of products:

- Digestive System
- Nervous System
- Circulatory System
- Intestinal System
- Urinary System
- Glandular System
- Immune System
- Structural System
- Respiratory System

The products related to the Reproductive System are intuitively grouped into these categories:

- Products for Men
- Products for Women
- Products for Children

Show Your Customers You Care

You receive one camera-ready master set. You (or your printer) can make as many copies as you wish for your own NSP business (all your stores). Each individual distributor must purchase their own brochure.

The "Herbal Guide" NSP Brochure gives your customers the ability to search and ponder your products in the comfort of their own home, plus they keep working and working as they pass from customer to potential customer.

Increase your power to reach new customers and keep your existing customers coming back. These brochures do the work for you...they attract attention and get people interested, which ultimately helps increase your sales!

Take your NSP business to the next level
with the "Herbal Guide" NSP Brochure.


Sample Pages
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4-Page Brochure

Below is a sample of each page of the 4-Page Herbal Guide Brochure.


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