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Dr. Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE
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Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler: Curriculum Vita

Education and Registrations

Patent Agent,  registered to practice before the United States Patent Office,  1997.

P. E. registration in Chemical Engineering,  Colorado and California,  1995.

Ph. D. in Chemistry, Princeton University, 1985.

B. S. in Physics, University of California, 1978.


Detox Consultant,  2000 to the present.
Duties:   Consult to various physicians and nurse practitioners regarding detox protocols and supportive measures for heavy metal toxic patients based on laboratory results, biochemical understanding, history and in some cases also the patient's clinical presentation.

Author and Publisher,  1999 to the present.
Duties:   Research, write, publish, distribute and promote books such as Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment.  A book on the treatment of developmentally impaired children with a focus on heavy metal intoxication is in process.

Continuing Education Provider,  2000 to the present.
Duties:   Develop and present continuing education courses such as Heavy Metal Intoxication in Modern Society: Mercury and Related Elements.

Biochemist and Facilities Engineer, Sammamish Vision Center,  2000-2002.
Duties:   Suggest nutritional treatments for assorted vision conditions to the doctors based on the biochemistry of the underlying conditions.  Perform repairs on optometric equipment.  Maintain and improve facilities.  Start a nutritional supplement dispensary and select vendors for it.

Proprietor,  Minerva Laboratories,  1984 to the present.
Duties:    Provide consulting,  expert technical advice,  literature review and evaluation,  and on site services to meet the chemical,  properties and materials science needs of engineers and nonchemical scientists for process and product development and improvement.

Assistant Research Professor (not tenure track),  University of Arizona, 1989-1994.
Duties:  Performed research on space resource utilization and related topics.  Taught graduate chemical engineering courses in Space Manufacturing.  Conducted research with lunar samples.

Editor,  Space Power:  Resources,  Manufacturing and Development, 1988-1993.

Principal Scientist,  Energy Science Laboratories,  1986-1988.
Duties:  Performed and obtained support for research in various areas of aerospace technology.  Provided technical support for a wide variety of projects when chemical needs arose.

Postgraduate Research Chemist,  University of California at San Diego,  1983-1986.


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Nolan, Cutler and Lynch,  Method for Producing Encapsulated Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes Using Catalytic Disproportionation of Carbon Monoxide,  United States Patent # 5,780,101 July 14, 1998.


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