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Laura's Turn
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Four hours later, the entire procedure was over (for me). Now it was Laura's turn to spend what would become 7 hours in the chair.

I began the long wait by watching some of the videos they had available in a special viewing room. I started with a "60 Minutes" episode where they talked all about the dangers of amalgam fillings. It was excellent. I then watched a tape about how cooked meat affected cats from generation to generation. This was interesting too. I had never seen anything like it. The Dentist had a nice collection of books and videos for patients to explore while waiting.

This 7-hour wait was tough because I was only on 3 hours of sleep. I fell asleep a couple of times on the (very comfortable) couch in the lobby. Laura came out a couple of times to take a short break. She seemed to be doing fine.

Finally, a little before 10 pm, Laura was finished. Although she was OK overall, she did experience some depression later in the procedure. Hal Huggins, in the book, "It's All In Your Head", went into detail about how many people will experience depressive periods of "emotional release". It's like an overwhelming sense of relief that sometimes brings people to tears. This is what we believe Laura experienced. It was tough, but she was great about it.

By this time, I noticed that my gums were quite sore, as I had expected. When I got home, I showered to remove any lingering mercury vapor from my skin.

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