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The Detox Plan
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The next day we were planning to get colon hydrotherapy (colonics) done (oh joy!), plus get a DMPS injection.

The colonics help to flush out some of the mercury that you are bound to absorb during the procedure, which the chlorella was hopefully binding to. A lot of chlorella was taken 24 hours before the procedure, again immediately before, and again immediately after.

The DMPS also binds to the mercury and allows you to urinate mercury. Normally, you will have 3 DMPS sessions and then have a urine analysis to check mercury levels. If they are still high, you have three more sessions, then another urine analysis, and so on. High levels in the urine is a good sign that you are detoxifying.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to schedule the DMPS until Tuesday, but colonics was a go (no pun intended). As much as I think colonics is a great idea, it isn't terribly pleasant for a novice like me. Laura had a good experience, while I learned some new things about myself. Anyway, maybe I'll try it again in a few days. Nevertheless, the people there were exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and downright friendly. They already knew all about mercury detox and were ready to offer some great information.

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