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17 Months and 2 Days Later
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Tuesday, December 18th, 2001

I just can't say enough (obviously) about how my life has changed since having my amalgam fillings removed over 17 months ago. Everything is new. I tell my business partner (Laura) that I feel like I've been "born again". Everything has changed. I am a different person.

For much of my teen and adult life I struggled with emotional issues that are now gone... just suddenly gone. Physical problems that were a constant challenge 2 years ago have long been forgotten. I so amazed at how much I've changed.

I just had the chance to read over my entire story today simply because I'm redesigning our company website. In reading the story, I realized how much stuff I left out. I know it was because I was so busy at the time, but nevertheless, there were a number of issues that I just didn't have time to go into; Issues that are now non existent.

For instance... A couple years ago, I built a big (12 x 12) shed in the back yard of my house; Built it completely from scratch. During the 6 weeks it took to build in the hot Florida sun, I worked harder than I have since spring training for high school football. I mean... that's real work.

During that time, I did not lose any weight. I had already gained quite a bit of weight a few years previous. But during the time I was building the shed, I thought for sure that I would lose weight.

Amazingly, in the past year since the amalgam removal, I have lost quite a bit if weight, without any regular exercise at all. In fact, I just started a regular program of exercise last week (for the first time in a while) and after just 1 week, am showing considerable signs of weight loss. Could the obesity problem in America be caused in part to mercury poisoning? Over 1 million mercury-based amalgam fillings are placed every day in the U.S. alone. Think about it.

Now, according to the research I've found, "uncontrollable weight gain" is a common symptom of mercury poisoning. Imagine that.

Another huge change in my life is that I'm on a normal sleep schedule. I get tired around midnight and get up about 7 am. I don't believe I mentioned this in my story but, this had been a huge problem for me for many years. Because of general anxiety and other issues, I could not get to sleep until 4 am to 7 am each morning. Well, that's all changed.

Another amazing thing that I did make reference to in my story is what I called "exercise withdraw". If I ate sweets and did not exercise some time the same day, I would feel a thick, clogged feeling in my muscles that would interfere with concentration and sleep. Sweets also tended to make me irritable; Even fruit sugar.

Not anymore. No matter how horrible I eat, I don't get "exercise withdraw". I might get a bit of a "sugar buzz", but that's all.

It's hard to believe that I hardly ever take NSP Fat Grabbers anymore. I used to take them with every meal just to avoid the tired, exhausted feeling that would follow. Yea, they worked well, but without them, I was in big trouble. My body is now able to process fats normally. Regardless of what I eat, I don't have those symptoms anymore. According to Hal's book, mercury has devastating and debilitating effects on the liver. Image that!

Since I posted this story on our website over a year ago, a number of people called and e-mailed me sharing their experiences with amalgam fillings and asking questions about mine.

I remember a sweet woman from Colorado who was suffering from severe depression and was so frustrated because she could not "be the mother she wanted to be for her several boys". She was nearly in tears telling me her story about how doctors have put her on one thing, then another, and after years of trying, nothing has changed. After reading my story she was so compelled to call me in the hope that she may find an answer.

After a long discussion with her, she now has hope, and I am thrilled. I told her to contact me after her removal and let me know what happens, and that I'd love to have her write her story, regardless of whether the removal helps her depression or not. I want to do this for the sake of integrity and to give people an honest look at the process. I don't know if having amalgams replaced will make a difference for her [although, I would be very surprised if it didn't], but I want to learn and share with others who want to learn. I don't want to distort the truth. I'd rather observe it, learn from it, and "let the chips fall where they may".

I've had another woman contact who told me all about her experience with breast cancer.

After having part of a breast removed, her doctor wanted to remove both her breasts. Being through an operation once, she refused and told her doctor that she was going to seek "alternatives". Her doctor actually followed her out through the waiting room of the his office and hollered at her from the door saying that she is being stupid and will be dead in 6 months.

After consulting with local herbalists, the very first thing she did was to have all her amalgam fillings replaced. Then she went on a strict program of diet, exercise, and emotional healing.

Three months later, she returned to her doctor for an MRI. When she called in for the results, the office said they were inconclusive and she would have to get the MRIs taken over again. She did, and the office said the new MRIs were also inconclusive. Frustrated, and suspecting that her doctor's office wasn't telling her the whole truth, she went to another office and had a third set of MRIs taken. They told her that she was completely clear and had no cancer or visible growths at all. Remember, this is after only three months. [Hal's book goes into great detail about how mercury actually causes cancer.]

About a year ago, I went to a meeting where local health professionals teach healthy cooking. During the presentation, the subject of amalgam fillings came up. I felt compelled to share my recent experience and told the entire group that there is nothing I have ever done for my health that came close to making as much of a difference as having my amalgams replaced. The husband of the married team of health professionals told me in front of all attending that the same is exactly true for him.

Over all, I have a lot to be thankful for. Although I am upset that the dental community would do something as absurd and negligent as putting toxic metal in my mouth, and I hope, but nevertheless doubt, that someone will be held accountable when the fog finally lifts on this grand conspiracy. Nevertheless, I can be thankful that, although my hair is now thinner, it's density has not changed since the removal. I can be thankful that, although I'm older, and a large part of my life was spent in ill health, I still have time to live. I can be thankful that, although I share my story with hope that some will benefit, some day, after enough have died, after enough have suffered, and after enough have been fined or imprisoned, after enough have been and been ridiculed at the hand of media and government, after enough have lost their licenses, businesses, and families, perhaps everyone will be "mercury free" and healthier.

The last great and amazing thing that I will mention is this: Although a few people bravely push forward and seek answers for their ailments, the vast majority of people that I share my story with, actually don't believe me. This attribute of human nature is truly one of the most unbelievable and amazing I've ever encountered.

I have found consistent, reliable research about various subjects and shared it with people; Like people with cancer, only to have them reject it and continue down the path that is not only currently failing them, but does not make any common sense at all. Like sheep following each other over the cliff, they continued doing what most people who have had cancer have already done and failed.

In speaking with numerous natural health professionals over the years, I have learned that I am not the only person who is astonished at this attribute of human nature. In fact, for most natural health professionals, it's a way of life that becomes a philosophy... "Share the truth with them; That's all you can do."

It does not matter how many studies you have, how many people it worked for, how long it's been working, or why it makes common sense. Some people just cannot bring themselves to believe that some doctors, the media, the aluminum manufacturing industry, or pharmaceutical companies have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with your good health.

Even if you tell them... Is it not true that they only profit when you're sick? Is it not true that it would require a CEO of exceptionally noble character to sacrifice company profits for your benefit? Is it not true that the essence of the CEO's job is to maximize profits for shareholders? So where is your health in all this? If conventional medicine was winning against cancer, then why do 1 of 3 people in the leading civilized nation in the world have it?

If you're afraid believe that the mercury in your amalgam fillings can hurt you... good. It's a sign that you are alive. Now, before you let your fear get a hold of you, and before you start making decisions that are not based on logic and reason, sound information and common sense, but rather emotionalism and fear, try something different.

If you've taken the time to read all this, I commend you. More than likely, you're someone who really cares. You probably have vision and faith. I encourage you to continue to seek the truth. If I can help, please feel free to contact me. It's my greatest reward to help people.

It is also my hope that you can lovingly convince the ones you care about to search for truth, no matter how ugly it may be, no matter how hard to attain, no matter how humble you have to become to accept it, the truth will indeed, set you free.

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