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The Log Continues
Chapter_Title 26

A New Lease on Life... The Final Chapter_Title!
Tuesday, October 24, 2000

This is it! The last entry in my personal log.

It's been a couple of months since my last entry. I've decided that this is my last, simply because I've seen so much improvement in my life since the removal of my amalgam fillings, anything I experience from here on out is just "icing on the cake."

I wish I could properly convey the feelings I have about amalgams. It saddens me, and infuriates me, to think about the number of people who's quality-of-life is suffering (or perhaps ending) because no one ever told them. It especially strikes me wrong that anyone in their right mind—particularly in the medical or dental profession—would think that it's OK to put the world's most toxic, non-radioactive metal in your mouth for nearly your entire life and not expect it to cause any health problems. The popular claim today is that when it's been mixed with the other metals, it doesn't unbind. If you would have told me when I was 12-years-old that the fillings you were placing in my mouth had mercury in them, I would have said "No way, you're not putting that stuff in my mouth!"

Wouldn't you think that before modern medicine would make a procedure of routinely inserting toxic metal in your mouth for your entire life, that there would first be testing done to make sure it doesn't leach out? There are claims that these tests exist, but I've never been able to find one. Perhaps it's because no research groups in their right mind would be willing to make such an absurd claim. Think of the possible liability!

Well anyway, since I've had mine removed, my life has really changed. It's already been well-worth the several thousand dollars I spent. I'm much happier, feel healthier, and am, consequently, more social than I have been in years.

Below is a list of many of the changes I've experienced in the past few months:

Sugar-related spells of depression - 100% GONE
I can eat as bad as I want with virtually NO noticeable consequences at all. I certainly don't do this often, nor do I recommend it. I've just tried several times to see what would happen... nothing! How cool is that?

Morning fatigue - 95% GONE
I wake up really feeling refreshed 13 out of 14 days. Before, it was more like 1 out of 14 days. It's been well over 10 years since I can remember experiencing this quality of sleep.

Morning yuks - 90% GONE
The old familiar heaviness is almost completely gone. I had forgotten that it was possible to feel good in the morning.

Frequent joint-cracking - 95% GONE
I still crack my fingers often, but more out of habit than need. I believe that last time I cracked my back was the day before the amalgams were removed.

Chronic constipation - 100% GONE
Now it's just like clockwork.

Numbness and tingling in hands and feet - 95% GONE

Ringing in ears - 100% GONE

Signs of excessive Candida (there are several) - 95% GONE
Really amazing changes have occurred in this area.

Temperature problems
(feeling too warm, especially sleeping) - 100% GONE
This alone has changed my life enough to make it worth the expense!

Excessive sweating while sleeping - 95% GONE
This only began to be excessive about a year before the fillings were removed, but was very annoying and uncontrollable. Now it's nearly gone!

Chronic fear or anxiety - 95% GONE
This alone has changed my life enough to make it worth 5-times the cost. For the first time in 10 years, I love the way I feel everyday... Amazing!

Racing Heart / Out of Breath - 100% GONE
Just standing from a seated position would send my heart racing and leave me dizzy and out-of-breath. If I had to carry cases of paper in from outside, I'd have to wait and catch my breath before lifting the second one.

Inability to quiet my mind (especially before sleeping) - 100% GONE
One of the most frustrating symptoms to have... caused me innumerable days of sleeplessness in the past 10 years.

Large swings in blood-sugar levels - 50% GONE
My body is slowly getting better and better at keeping my sugar levels stable. This is still improving at a noticeable rate.

Inability to break down fats
(constantly experiencing fat symptoms after eating) - 85% GONE
I used to live on NSP's Fat Grabbers to prevent me from having serious headaches and other fat-related symptoms after every meal. Now, I take them maybe once or twice a week if I have a fatty meal. Otherwise, my fat symptoms are nearly gone.

Short-term memory loss - 90% GONE
This was one of the most annoying ones. I actually thought I had some kind of chronic aluminum exposure (Alzheimer's). Not anymore! I've seen dramatic changes in this area.

Overall energy level - 50% HIGHER
No more feelings of chronic fatigue.

Several bumps have disappeared, even after several years of no change.
I never expected this, but several bumps on my skin have just shrunk or disappeared over the past several weeks. All of which have been there for several years with no change.

Noticeable thinning of hair - Process seems to have stopped
I was really getting worried about this one. It seemed that the process was accelerating over the last few months before the amalgams were removed. Now it actually looks like it has stopped altogether.

Excessive ear excretions - 90% GONE
Big difference here.

Inability to get to sleep - 100% GONE
I fall asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed almost every night now. If you knew the kind of difficulty I had before the removal, you would understand how happy I am about this!

...And several other things.

See a complete list here: My Mercury Ailments

I really hope that something can be done to stop the usage of amalgam fillings. Sometimes it's easy to feel that the whole system is out of control. It's easy to believe that you really don't have any power to change things. To a degree, I believe it's true. There's too much special interest lining their pockets and solving their problems at the expense of your health. But if we all get involved in the process, things will change.

Ever wonder why people keep secrets? It's usually because they're afraid of what will happen if the truth gets into the hands of the "wrong" people. They're afraid of what will happen if you get involved.

It's easy to say something like "they should do something about this" or "they should do something about that." I've come to learn an important truth...

We are They!

Educate yourself, and then educate others. If you want to do something but don't know what, that's a great start. Then, when you've become educated, the next steps will become obvious.

Care enough to become educated!
Become educated to help others care enough!

It all begins with "They!"

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