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The Comprehensive Guide To Nature's Sunshine Products

A must-have NSP reference that covers NSP products, ailments, body systems, natural healing therapies, and more.

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Footprints On the Path
The Essential NSP A to Z Ailment Reference

An essential NSP business tool. This NSP-based ailment reference provides NSP product recommendations for 300 different health problems.

Footprints On the Path e-Book
Electronic A to Z Ailment Guide for NSP Products

This handy e-Book is an NSP product guide for 250+ health topics. A must-have for new distributors and NSP customers alike!

HART NSP Master Reference
for Nature's Sunshine Products

(a.k.a. The "HART" Book) Nearly 600 pages of in-depth NSP product information sells NSP products for you.

HART NSP Master Reference E-Book
for Nature's Sunshine Products

(a.k.a. The "HART" Book) Now available for smartphones, Kindle, PC & Mac, and all mobile devices.

Discontinued - Buy While Supplies Last

HART NSP Master Reference Paperback
for Nature's Sunshine Products

(a.k.a. The "HART" Book) Now available as a 700+ paperback/softcover reference guide. Perfect-bound.

Discontinued - Buy While Supplies Last

NSP Master Reference for Computers

Powerful computer program contains in-depth NSP product information will sell products for you. Plus Email pages, search by ailments, ingredients, and more!

Discontinued - Buy While Supplies Last

NSP Distributor Websites

Have a complete NSP shopping system on your own domain name. Fast, secure, and mobile-ready.

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Become a Certified Aromatherapist
(New Online Courses Available)

Welcome to the JennScents Aromaversity - your online university for aromatherapy certifications and skilled trade training in essential oils and phyto-aromatherapy custom blending skill development. The JennScents Aromatherapy Certification Course Program is a 368-hour online, home-study program for everyone from aromatherapy beginners and enthusiasts to clinical professionals and those wanting to integrate aromatherapy into their business.

MyNSP Domain Name Shortener
"Domain Forwarding"

Is your MyNSP website address too long for customers to remember? We have am EASY solution you will love!

Shelf Tags
NSP Product Labels for Your Shelves

NSP product labels for your shelves. Customers get educated while shopping! Saves you time...No more pricing every product!

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