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The Log Continues
Chapter_Title 25

A Healthy Respect for Mercury
Log: Sunday, August 13, 2000 3:31 am EST

Now the real fun begins...

The past couple of weeks since the previous log have been a real education. Immediately after the very next DMPS injection (following the previous log entry), Laura and I started experiencing strange things. We both felt lightheaded and drunk. We also experienced a couple hours of euphoria, followed by a period of extreme irritability and depression. We also felt mildly sick and achy.

Because of the 7-day immune cycle, we decided to change the date of the following injection to Thursday instead of Tuesday. Tuesday was the 7th day after the previous injection. Both of us were again feeling a little sick and sore. It took half-a-day to figure out that the reason probably was due to the immune cycle. We were both glad to have moved the next injection to Thursday instead of Tuesday.

Thursday's injection went well. We felt a little sick halfway through the injection—as usual—but felt fine after the 50 gram vitamin C injection (that's right, 50 GRAMS) that immediately followed. Then, about an hour later, we started feeling extremely intoxicated and euphoric—just as if we had been drinking—so much so, that I was worried about driving home. So, we stopped for a bite to eat.

Well, it was all downhill from there. That evening, I began feeling very exhausted and tired. I had a headache and could not work. By midnight that evening, Laura had a full-blown 102+ fever and was almost unable to move. Laura spent the next two days in a slow recovery, unable to work.

This injection was our 3rd, after which we get to send urine samples in to gauge the level of mercury in our systems. We will call in and get the results of the tests on Monday (tomorrow).

Since this last injection, Laura and I have suffered from some of the same symptoms that we had before the amalgam removal, though not as severe. I can only assume that the DMPS is working and has "stirred up" mercury in our bodies.

Laura and I have been so busy preparing for the NSP National Convention that we neglected to play several racquetball games that we normally would have played. Last week, we decided to start playing racquetball again. Not surprisingly, we both have lost some of our "game." I had terrible shortness of breath and lack of concentration, much like before the amalgam removal.

One strange change worth noting...

Several years ago, I got bit twice on the leg by something. The bites swelled up and then hardened. They haven't changed a bit ever since. Just a few days ago, I noticed that one of them is almost completely gone. It is no longer raised above the skin and is barely visible. The second one has shrunk to about half it's size. Must be the immune system at work. Also, my teeth are getting whiter than they have been in years.

Overall, in the past couple of days, things have improved some for both Laura and I. We both still yearn for the euphoria we experienced the first week after the removal, but we know that we have been slowly poisoned for the past 20+ years and that it will take a while to get the mercury out and experience that freedom again.

It has been a real roller coaster ride—emotionally and physically—but I still believe it has been very much worth it. Even with the benefits I have received thus far, it really is worth it. Nevertheless, I now have a healthier respect for mercury than I ever did before.

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