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End User License Agreement (EULA)

This page contains the standard license agreement that you are bound to when installing or using the HART On CD program.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

By opening the package containing the HART On CD software or by using the enclosed software you agree to this Herb Allure “HART On CD” license agreement.

  • This software is licensed for use, not sold.
  • Herb Allure grants you, the “user”, permission to install the enclosed software on a single computer, or, if you have purchased additional keys, you may install the software on the number of computers equal to the number of keys you have purchased. The authoritative record of this number is kept and recorded by Herb Allure. This software may not be installed on more computers than that number specified by Herb Allure, Inc.
  • Herb Allure reserves all rights pertaining to the manufacture, sale, use, updating and distribution of this program and grants no additional permissions without exclusive written documentation.
  • Breaking this agreement constitutes a violation of copyrights and is punishable according to the terms set forth in federal statutes, acts, and other applicable documents.
  • If an authorization key is lost by a user, Herb Allure may, at its discretion, replace it for a cost of $10 to the user after Herb Allure determines that the user has indeed lost the key and currently has rights to hold a valid key. Herb Allure reserves the right to determine if a user has the right to hold a valid key. Herb Allure may require certain specific information to be provided before providing the replacement key, including but not limited to specific information about the computer the program is installed on, information about the program itself such as the globally unique ID number of the program, and other information to be determined by Herb Allure.
  • If an authorization key becomes damaged while in possession of a user, Herb Allure may, at its own discretion, replace it for a cost of $10 to the user pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth above. The user must pay for shipping of the damaged key to Herb Allure. If an installed HART on CD program becomes damaged and the user wishes to install it on a new computer or a new hard drive in the same computer, Herb Allure may require the user to provide certain information about the computer, the damaged hard drive, the existing key, and other information to be determined by Herb Allure, and the user may be required to return the existing key before Herb Allure will issue a new key to the user. Costs for shipping the key to Herb Allure will be the responsibility of the user.
  • If a user’s computer becomes damaged in such a way that the program can no longer run, and the user loses the key, Herb Allure reserves the right to determine if a new key will be issued to the user. If a new key is issued, the user will be charged $10 for the new key. In this case, Herb Allure may require additional information about the user’s computer, hard drive, and other information as Herb Allure deems necessary to protect intellectual property rights. If, in this case, the key is not lost, but damaged, Herb Allure may require the user to send the damaged key to Herb Allure at the user’s expense.
  • During normal use of the program, the user may view Herb Allure documents included with the program on their computer. Users may not convert Herb Allure documents included with the program into electronic form except to fax a limited number of documents to a customer directly from the user’s computer using computer fax software for the purpose of promoting the user’s business.
  • In any case, the user may not, in any way, violate the terms of the Herb Allure Right-to-Copy License included in printed form with the program.
  • The user may not, without express, written consent of Herb Allure, copy pages of Herb Allure documents on a copy machine after they have been printed from the program. All hard copies of Herb Allure documents must be made directly from the computer program.
  • Herb Allure documents may not be posted on a website or otherwise be made available for download or transmittal in any way without express written permission from Herb Allure.
  • The license to use the HART On CD program is not transferable. This license remains with the person who originally purchased it.
  • Duplication of the Herb Allure program manual that comes with the program is allowed as long as it is not used to support the illegal or unauthorized copying of the program in any way.
  • Files, licenses, keys, documents, and all other distributed material remains the property of Herb Allure and may not be copied, duplicated, installed, or used in any way other than for its intended use and in compliance with Herb Allure’s copyright policy.
  • Herb Allure reserves the right to terminate any and all usage agreements for any reason it deems necessary or reasonable. Herb Allure, Inc. makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, by the installation or use of this program.
  • The user of this software agrees to hold Herb Allure, Inc. harmless of any damage resulting from use of this software.
  • Herb Allure, Inc. makes no warranties as to the accuracy or legality of the information contained in this software.
  • All terms or items of conflict not mentioned in this document are reserved solely to the discretion of Herb Allure, Inc.


Copyright 1997 - 2007 Herb Allure, Inc.