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How To

This page provides information to help you accomplish specific tasks with the HART on CD program. Choose from any of the topics listed below.

List of "How To" Topics

  HART On CD Tutorials (videos)

How to send NSP product documents with HART On CD (video)

How to update HART On CD documents using "Document Restore"

How to create a firewall exception for HART On CD

How to install HART On CD on your computer

How to register with the Herb Allure Message Server (video)

How to find your HART On CD User ID

How to turn off the Windows "Aero" Themes

How to install and run the HART On CD program
on Microsoft Windows Vista

How to restore blank or missing documents

How to tell what version of HART On CD I have installed on my computer

How to reinstall the HART on CD program on your computer

How to authorize your program by email

How to make a shortcut to the HART on CD program on your desktop

How to start the HART on CD program

How to eliminate a "License Expired" message


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