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How To Turn Off Windows "Aero" Theme

This page explains how to turn off Window's Aero theme. This is necessary to overcome an occasional "user-interface" problem that Windows has with certain programs.

How To Turn Off Windows "Aero" Themes

Why we need to turn off Windows "Aero" Themes

Occasionally, new installations of Windows will prevent you will clicking on certain parts of the HART On CD user interface, most commonly, the list of NSP products.

Recent updates to Windows seem to have corrected this problem, but for those who don't have recent Windows updates installed, we need a way to overcome this issue.

We have found that this issue can be overcome by turning off Windows "Aero" themes and selecting a "Basic" theme instead. This page shows you how to do this.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step #1: Open the "Themes" Window

- Right-Click on any blank area of your Window's Desktop area. This will cause a menu to appear.

- In the menu that just appeared, Left-Click on "Personalize". This will open the "Themes" window.

Step #2: Select a Non-Aero Theme

- In the "Themes" window, you will see a list of available themes. Scroll down to the section entitled "Basic and High-Contrast Themes".

- This this section ("Basic and High-Contrast Themes"), Left-Click on any theme. We recommend beginning with the theme entitled "Windows 7 Basic".

- Close the "Themes" window.

You will now be able to use the HART On CD program as expected.

Now that you have a non-Aero theme selected, you can still change the look and feel of Windows by returning to the "Themes" window and changing settings. You can change the background color of your desktop or any other basic setting you prefer.

Windows Update

Microsoft has corrected this issue in some versions of Windows.

If you prefer, you can tell Windows to install all available updates and then check to see if this corrects the problem. Otherwise, selecting a non-Aero theme is the only current solution.


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