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Version 2.00 Update

This page contains download information for the HART On CD version 2.00 update.

Download Link

Below is the link you can use to download and install the HART On CD update to your computer. If you need instructions, click here

Click here to download the HART On CD 2.00 update now.

Download Size: About 44 Megabytes


This page contains a link allowing you to download an update to the HART On CD computer program. This update upgrades version 1.95 to version 2.00.

Release Date: May 13th, 2020.

Changes Made in This Update

This update provides the following changes to the program:

  • All HART product documents have been updated with new footers containing the current year (2020)
  • All newly-released NSP products have been added.
  • New ailments and ingredients have been added.
  • The licensing system has been updated.
  • The A-to-Z Ailment Index page has been updated.
  • Tab ordering on the Send-A-Message windows has been updated.


Step 1 - Download the Setup.exe File

This step downloads the HART On CD upgrade-program to your computer.

Single-Left-Click the download link (near the top of this page).

Multiple windows may appear asking if you want to allow this program to be downloaded to your computer. Be sure to click the "Run", "Open", "Save File", or "Allow" buttons on each of these windows.

Step 2 - Run the HART On CD Upgrade Program

This step runs the HART On CD upgrade program on your computer.

Once you click the "Run", "Open", or "Allow" buttons in the previous step, the HART On CD upgrade program will begin to run. Just follow the on-screen instructions until the program notifies you that it is finished.

If you're using Firefox (and most of you are), type Control-J. The "Downloads" window opens. Now right-click on "Setup.exe" at the top of the window. Then click "Open". Now just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have an problems, please call our Technical Support phone number.


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